TOL: [My happy race and April goals]

Thursdays are for Thinking Out Loud. Thanks to Amanda for the link-up!

I cannot believe it’s already April 9th! My sister’s first half marathon is only days away, I am also looking to do better than I did the last time I ran and there is just so much excitement surrounding this event. I really hope she enjoys the race and continues being fit for life. Disclaimer: she did say once or twice during her training that she just want to get the race over with to say she had done one. I don’t really care that she has that mindset because not everyone needs to run long races. I remember hearing in a podcast recently that a guy had tried the marathon and the half, but decided he loved running 10ks and so that’s what he races now. I love running halfs, so if I don’t have a great marathon experience, that doesn’t mean I’ll never run one again, but I will stick to what I love.


I have applied for two jobs in the past two days, both at running stores! I have always wanted to surround my life with running (because I love it duh) but also proclaim the benefits being active have had on my life. Of course I always advocate for running (it’s cheap and simple, you walk out the door and move) so selling apparel and maybe giving some tips to new runners would be awesome! I also hope it is a gateway to get more involved in the running community. I love the concept of the November Project to keep people motivated and having fun. Bringing that to Ithaca would be awesome!


I love doing devotionals. I fell off the bandwagon during the winter not because of any religious indifference. I was just busy for a couple weeks in the fall and it fell out of my daily routine. On April 1st, I recommitted my morning (or lunch break) ritual to get with God. It’s the least I can do considering I pray to Him constantly throughout the day. The Guy could use my respect.


Speaking of new things in April, on the first I also began the three minute plank challenge. Every night for the 30 days of April, I take the time to do a full three minute plank. OH BABY IS IT HARD! I would honestly rather run 3 miles. The first night I was sweating and shaking so much I collapsed afterward and was heavily breathing. I can say though, it has gotten a bit easier. I hope that means I’m getting stronger, not better at cheating πŸ˜‰


That’s all for me today!

Tell me your daily ritual!

What is your dream job?



  1. Oooo exciting on the job search front!

    I’m with ya on the God thing. I just wrote about that, as you know. We both agree — you can’t ask ask ask and not pay some respect πŸ˜‰

    I keep forgetting about the plank challenge! I’ll start tonight!

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