Ready to get my SKUNK on!

Hey everyone! I don’t have much to post today because I’ve been at work and am trying to relax before my race tomorrow. It is my sister’s first half marathon, my second attempt at The Skunk Cabbage Classic and the first time I am running for a team! I’d say I’m EXCITED!


Last night (while I was trying to sleep for a 4AM wake up call) my sister texted me worrying about the race. She could not sleep and was nervous. To say that I am not nervous as well would be a lie. I am just as nervous before any race, but some things are different between her nerves and my nerves.

She is nervous about being able to finish. I am nervous because I feel a bit of pressure to do well and I also want to finish πŸ˜› Some people believe that once you’ve done the distance, you can always do it. That is not the case. Just because I have run 13.1 miles does not mean I will be able to do it tomorrow. Just that thought it really scary. This is not a 400m race where I can walk and still finish. If I started walking the half marathon, I would get picked up by the sweeper because there is a cut off finish time.

It is scary that even though I run a lot, the sport still humbles me so very much. I am equally amazed at what I can do as I am amazed at the effort one mile takes. I think that’s what I love about running. It is so humbling and gratifying at the same time.

I have my goals for the race:

A Goal: A PR (this would be sweet but we’ll see, I did do a lot of mileage this week)

B Goal: Top 20 female

C Goal: Finish smiling and see my sister finish her first half

I am going to focus on the simple fact that running gives me joy, no matter the outcome.

That’s all for today! I’m heading to the gym for an easy spin, and then a pre-race PASTA PARTY!

Have a great weekend!


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