Lincoln up #24 [The Best I’ve Read This Week]

Lincoln Up

Hello and happy Sunday! I am off to race but not before leaving you with some fun stuff to read. I feel like this week has BLOWN by. I cannot wait to take a nap this afternoon ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope everyone racing or running today has a blast and don’t forget to send some good vibes and prayers for my sister in her FIRST HALF MARATHON! Have a great day!



Instead of Condemning Anti-gay Christians, We Should Ask Them To Examine Their Prejudices :: An article from Slate magazine requires you to think critically about the “cherry picking” tendencies of the Christian Right. Would you not serve a divorcee because of your beliefs?

An Unexpected Conversation :: READ THIS NOW! Christians, like myself, need to include the gay community in our churches, friend circles and environment. The only thing I have an issue with in the article is calling homosexuality a temptation. It’s not.



I Gaveย Up My iPhone Forย A Weekย :: I’ve thought about doing an iPhone detox, but always stopped myself because I don’t feel like I had a problem. The writer of the author doesn’t have one either, but felt significant benefit from going without the phone for a week. Would you do it?

Bagels Are In Fashion Too, You Know :: Oh yes! A homage to my main carbohydrate source! Long live the bagel!

8 Reasons Why Bagels Are Better Than People :: Who honestly can argue against a bagel? I also like the tip for the everything bagel. Totally trying it today!

How One Visionary Changed School Food In Detroitย :: “The goal has been to elminiate the social stigma associated with free food.” says Wiggins in her overhaul of the school food system. The lunch program is an extension of the classroom. Smart minds come from healthy bodies.



How To Gain Muscle On a Plant-Based Dietย :: I liked this article because it gives a sample muscle gain diet for vegans. I want to see a basketball player next!

How To Order Vegan At Popular Fast Food Places :: Or just do what I do, get the fries!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Gene Baur On The Daily Show!ย :: The love of Farm Sanctuary and my secret man-crush Gene rocked the Daily Show! Anyone who saw this will be hard pressed to continue their meat-eating ways. You don’t need bacon from a pig. Get it from plants!

14 Things Vegan Ladies Know To Be True :: You converted all your mom’s recipes to vegan. Oh so guilty! Baked beans, corn chowder…my childhood made cruelty free!



Run You Fastest With The Timeless Challengeย :: I actually just started using a watch to track the miles and keep time in mind. I don’t think I would like having on during a race because I don’t prefer numbers. Thoughts anyone?


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