Three days post half marathon, where I’m at now

I was pretty sore the day after my half on Sunday. Monday I did some light cross training to keep the blood flowing to the legs. My soreness was not muscle related, more from the pounding at a fast pace. I was not unable to move r unable to function. I was just tired. Plain and simple.


This morning I went for a run with four other women at 6:30AM. I always run in the morning and don’t have to work until 1. Two of the women ran Skunk Cabbage with me (one got second in the half and the other won the 10K) so I was in good company. A third woman is doing Boston and the fourth wanted to join to get outside after travelling for a few weeks. It was 30 degrees out there this morning! I was wearing shorts…so the first few miles (which included a large hill) were a bit rough. Soon after, I warmed up enough to enjoy myself and the rest of the 8 miles we did. I really enjoy group running!

I still am on a high from the race. I hope this feeling of wanting to run all the time never leaves! My next race is May 2nd and is a 5 miler halfway between my home and my parents house in Trumansburg. The day after (May 3rd) I have a 10 miler in Syracuse titled the Mountain Goat. I’m really looking forward to both these events. I cannot remember if I signed up for the Mountain Goat…I wonder how I can check.


After breaking 1:30:00 in the half, of course I have been thinking about future goals. I am thrilled with my time. If I never run faster again, I will believe I reached my potential with that run. I felt great the whole time, the course was hilly and I did it with my sister. Nothing can be better.


There is that 1:20:00 mark that looks so alluring. I see it…looming over my future. I see that it is possible, if not now or this year, in the foreseeable year or two. It’s hard not to think about that. I feel torn in two ways. I am completely satisfied with my PR now. I would not feel incomplete with never breaking that. But also want to see what else I am capable of. What could happen on a completely flat course? What could happen if I continue my style of training (one long, one tempo and one speed workout) each week? What could I push my vegan body to do?

So that’s where I’m at. I’m filled, but focused. I want to complete the Buffalo marathon in May, and then I think I will relax on PRs for most of the summer. I do not think the Ithaca Gorges half marathon will be another PR. The course is too hilly. I have one half in July and in August that I have never done, so they could be possibilities. I can recover from Buffalo and then train smart for both of them. I am optimistic.

I did not expect to hit a goal (sub 1:30:00 half) so soon this year. Because I did that, I now feel more relaxed about everything. Yes, I plan to push it in workouts and maintain my fitness, but I am open to other goals (like a 50k? 50 miler?) who knows what will happen. I’m also open to doing short stuff if I do not like the marathon.

What are your Spring/Summer goals? 



  1. Oh my gosh you are a running machine. I don’t get up before 7:30 unless I absolutely have to. I hope you meet all your goals this year!

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