Lincoln Up #25 [The Best I’ve Read This Week]

Good morning and welcome to this week’s edition of Lincoln Up! Yesterday I did the Tough Turtle obstacle race here in my hometown. To say I have more respect for my community is an understatement. There were so many fundRACERS, regular racers and volunteers it was one big party (with mud and logs). It was one of the most fun races I’ve ever had! Afterward, my sister and I got lunch and then volunteered to help clean up. The weather was beautiful and the day was amazing! I actually did the obstacle 5K as the end of my long run (the longest I will do before my marathon) and I will expand on this in a future post.

Lincoln Up

Now to the articles! This week I had fun reading things when I could. I was really pushed at work this week being sore from my race and getting called in. Check out the vegan cake hacks, the trail running etiquette and how to build a better sandwich. You will not be disappointed!


Have a great Sunday!


Vegan Box Cake Mix Hacks :: Why wouldn’t you just use a can of pop instead of a animal secretions? This is brilliant!

Are Vegans Just Childish Dreamers? :: What is the point of veganism when animals in the wild suffer? The point is that I am doing my part to reduce suffering for both humans and animals. I cannot evict all suffereing, but I can get rid of some, and that’s enough for me.



Build A Better Sandwich :: Yes to #1!! Move the pickle inside to PB&J! Just DO IT!

Mom’s Amazing Photos Show Daughters That Strong Is The New Pretty :: I am inspired by these girls. Say hello to the next female CEOs and Presidents.

5 Effective Ways People With Thin Privilege Can Fight Fat Phobia :: Just like you can never tell who has an eating disorder, weight is not a measure of health or life satisfaction. Don’t be dumb.

You Don’t Need To Be Leading Marches For Effective Activism :: This article made me feel like I was actually doing something for veganism. I may not be leafleting or protesting at an event, but my choices are noticed and people do change even if they don’t report to me about it.



Recovery Market Has A Fake Food Problem :: So a Powerbar or McDonalds is what I should choose between? This article proved to me what I know to be true, processed foods and fast food substances are just chemicals in fancy packages. Eat real food.

3 Minute Video Explaining Why We Love To Run :: The accent, the trails, the passion. What I love about running is that you never know what to expect, except to feel better after than when you began.

Trail Running Etiquette :: A great reminder for all runners (not just trailers) on how to respect our sport and respect eachother. Not everything is biodegradable…and be nice. You never know if you will need a smile or hand in the next mile.

Why Usain Bolt Can’t Save Track :: When you have someone as good as Bolt, in order to attract attention, he needs an opponent who can challenge him…I think they forgot that.


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