Race, Eat, Volunteer [The Tough Turtle cont’d]

My day did not end with the Tough Turtle race. After realizing that I would not simply “stay until the end” and needed to clean up, I left the race area and went home to shower.

I seriously messed up that bathroom! I took a tip from Rock Creek Runner and just showered in my shoes and socks to get the dirt off. That stall was gross! I cleaned up as much as I could, then left a note on the door saying I would finish later (I did, don’t worry πŸ™‚


My sister asked to get lunch at Ithaca Bakery (a CTB store) before we went back to the race to volunteer. It was fun talking to her and eating (by then I was starving again!)

Ithaca Bakery

We got back to the racing area and we put on “log duty”. Remember how I carried a log a mile because I didn’t want to roll it? Well we were asked to go and pick up all the logs and bring them back to the racing spot.


Some of the logs were tiny…others not so much…


After that we were put to work folding tarps (the water slide) and organizing all the stakes that were used to set up the course markers. We laughed and talked the whole time. I really love this picture of us!

Tough Turtle

Volunteering is something I actually learned from my mother. She is a PRO volunteer! On her resume, she has done sports boosters, a used clothing store, sat at the library desk, raked leaves for the town and just helps out at a lot of events. I think it was easy for her because us kids were always involved so she would be there anyway. Now that she has her store, she doesn’t have as much time to do so.

She’s put in her time, she deserves to actually make money for her work.

I have been interested in volunteering but I never seem to find the time. I am my own worst enemy because I would rather be doing the event! Through FLTRC and racing, part of being an ambassador is volunteering at local races and store events. I was excited to volunteer at the Tough Turtle, and the day was more fulfilling because I got to race. Giving back is so important and I hope to have more opportunities at races in the future. I think that if you volunteer for something you’re passionate about (or even like), it is a more rewarding experience and you’ll be more likely to do it in the future.

Do you volunteer?



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