Lincoln Up #26 [The Best I’ve Read This Week]

Hello and welcome to Lincoln Up! Wow already 26 weeks along, I cannot believe I’ve read that many articles! You know, this week looks kind of light, but I know I’ve read so much this week. I think the reason for this is that I’ve been reading more about Rich Roll (whom I’ve talked about before) and garnered more interest in cooking and making things “raw”. Therefore, I have expanded my reading of those subjects for my enjoyment, but don’t feel that they are relevant to my Lincoln Up post. I am fascinated by the Plant Power Way and have a new May Challenge! After doing the three minute April plank challenge for the past few weeks, I want to do another. The May challenge will get me out of one of my food ruts and has gotten me excited about getting in the kitchen. Stay tuned for an update!

Lincoln Up

Have a wonderful Sunday!



Simple Rules For Healthy Eating :: I would add “pick the foods you enjoy”. If you hate broccoli, eat carrots instead. There’s no point in forcing yourself to like something when you can get the same nutrients from another food. But do not switch butter for broccoli…not the point!

5 Signs You’re Not Following Your True Path :: I think there are levels of following your true path. One path that you love could also be the gateway into the next one that you love just as much or more.


Running When You Shouldn’t Have Time :: People ask me why I would rather wake up at 4AM to run than wait until after work. To me it’s simple, it’s the best part of my day, I think more clearly afterwards and it keeps me sane.

Woman Finishes Boston at 34 Weeks Pregnant :: What’s your excuse again?

Paula Radcliffe’s Long Goodbye :: What an amazing runner. She has done all she can, is the best runner in the world and now knows when it’s time to stop. Go Paula!

Thank You Paula :: A lovely post from another elite mother runner, Kara Goucher to Paula Radcliffe on her retirement from marathon racing.


Why I Love Kris Carr :: Crazy, Sexy, Vegan Kris Carr is very popular in the vegan movement. This passionate story about how her vegan diet principles cured a woman’s breast cancer is beautiful and another reminder of the power of who, plant based foods.


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