WIAW : Plant Pure Nation

Last night I went to a pre-screening for the movie Plant Pure Nation by Nelson Campbell. Inspired by his father, T. Colin Campbell, Nelson tries to help Kentucky Representative Tom Riner propose a pilot health program for sections of the state. I won’t give away the ending, but the movie was great and I am glad I went.


I also brought my best friend and future roommate, who isn’t vegan, but just started buying almond milk and making other plant based decisions. I have not actively tried to convert her, I just life my vegan lifestyle and maybe she’s starting to see the light too. Awesome activism!


[The Doctor and I!]

We saw the movie last night, after my day of eating, but I am proud to say I think Dr. Campbell would be happy with my days eating. Even my dessert after the movie was mostly plant based!

Let’s get eating!




A green chia seed pudding bowl made with kale, almond milk, chia/flax/hemp seeds, vanilla protein powder, super green powder and Maca powder.



A wrap with hummus, avocado, tomato, onions and sprouts with fried plantains on the side.



Bucatini noodlesΒ in aΒ sundried tomato and olive sauce with roasted broccoli. Plums and apples on the side.



Chocolate chip, peanut butter cookies [cookies are made from CHICKPEAS!]

Tomorrow I am going to try to describe my next month’s challenge which was further inspired by the PlantPure Nation documentary.

Have you ever made chickpea cookies?

What is your favorite pasta?



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