Lincoln Up #27 [The Best I’ve Read This Week]

Good Morning and welcome to the 27th Lincoln Up! I had a really busy week full of cross training, working and…mostly working. I have another really busy week of work ahead, but I’m going to try to be in the moment and not stress about it. It’s money right? This week’s articles were really fun to read. I loved the first article about dating an athletic girl. I find it funny that men should be warned about these things, but if were dating an athletic guy, I would expect and accept these things. Just another weird male-female dynamic that is getting weaker everyday.

Lincoln Up

Have a wonderful Sunday!



17 Things You Should Know Before Dating An Athletic Girl :: Or having an athletic friend. I always call it early…or maybe that’s because I’m an old man at heart.

Chronic Inflammation In Athletes :: Dr. Phil is a favorite from the Endurance Planet podcast. Having struggled with a groin area a bit this week I was eating up anything that I can do with my diet to help my soreness. Gotta get those Omega-3s

Why Runners Should Add Elliptical Training to Their Routine :: PREACH! My winter cross training will pay off!

Trail Running Videos via Rock Creek Runner :: Some motivation to get out the door.

How a Tri Coach helped Caroline Win Boston :: This is an interesting article about the female winner of this year’s Boston Marathon. Apparently, her coach loves to Tri.

How Runners Can Overcome Carbophobia :: The comparison of the two diets is very revealing. Same macronutrient content, whole different micronutrient profile. Carbs are your friend!


If We Believed Everything On The Internet, We’d Refuse To Eat :: I like the Food Babe, but I am not for scaring everyone into eating nothing but organic produce where you know the farmer and basically have to live in a tube not to become infected. This is what our immune systems are for!

Three Ways To Eat Healthy Without Being Obsessive :: I really like the last tip, as long as there is a range of colors, don’t stress too much. Proof I can just eat skittles and be fine 😉



10 Raw Food Staples For a Budget :: I can’t believe I have all these things! I’m doing better than I thought with this raw food thing!

8 Reasons Animal Testing Does Not Help Humans :: “Researchers are so engrained in trying to cure mice, they have forgotten we’re trying to cure humans.”

A Meat Eater For The Plant Power Way :: It’s only a matter of time Mishka, only a matter of time 🙂


Getting Into College Doesn’t Mean Students Are Ready To Go :: I am a huge advocate of a gap year. Students are people too and I believe if you took more time to find out what you want to do, money will not be wasted in classes that are uninteresting or pointless for a career.



Alternatives To Fitspo :: Wouldn’t Instagram be great if these images graced it’s pages?


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