The May Day 5K Reminded Me Why I Run



Ok, not all walking is boring, but when you can run…and everyone else is running…and it’s a beautiful day outside, why would I choose to walk?

I’ll tell you why, I have been unable to run since my pain in my butt/groin area began on Tuesday. It has been annoying to walk as well, but seeing as I am on my feet at my job the whole day, time off my feet was slim. Since that fateful morning, I have cross trained instead of even trying to jog at all.

The good news is that the pain is feeling MUCH better than in the beginning. I think I have avoided a serious injury and chalk it up to a really sore muscle or over-stretched ligament. Who really knows what goes on in the legs of runners? I also think I will attempt to run tomorrow as I have a race in Syracuse that I am looking forward to. (new shoes+new gear=MAJOR EXCITEMENT!)

The bad news is that I had to swallow my pride this morning and walk a race that I could have won. I was all set ot run the 5 mile option of the May Day 5&5 set up by my friend and FLRTC ambassdor Amy Dawson. However, my leg had other plans. Plans to participate, but to walk.


I honestly got served a good dose of humility this morning and feel very thankful to how comfortable running os for me when I am not pained with injury. I thought about not even going to the race. The Skunk Cabbage winner…walking a 5k? Why would I put myself through that?


[A view from the back]

Well, May is a time of change. I have decided not to hold myself to any preconcieved standard that my perfectionism made up. I am a runner (hopefully an ultra runner someday) and we run, not because it’s healthy or because we “should”. We run because we love it. We do races and events not because we want to win but because we love being a part of something greater than ourselves. We love the comaraderie, we love the people, we love moving our bodies.

The race was really beautiful and I was not alone in my walk of the 5K. I walked next to women pushing strollers, people talking, couples spending the day together and I’m sure, people like me who would have loved to have run, but couldn’t for some reason. I couldn’t believe how long 3 miles is! There was a time in my life where if I didn’t run over 5 miles it didn’t matter. My mindset couldn’t be further from that today. I think every mile means something. Every mile takes a lot of effort and is something to be respected. And the great thing about the distance of a mile, whether you ran, walked or crawled, you still covered that mile. That is epic.

I am a runner. I remembered why I love to run today.


Why do you run (walk/lift/cycle/sport)?



    • It has been so challenging as it always is with an injury 😦 I’m trying to stay positive though πŸ™‚

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