WIAW [The Soup Made Me Sick, But Tacos Brought It Back!]

Happy Seis De Mayo! How many blogs will open with that today (clichΓ©) but seriously the warmer weather makes everyday one to celebrate. I worked all day yesterday, but was successful in snapping pictures of my eats.

The day was good even with a slight blip at lunch. Here’s the story:

I hate wasting food. We have so many vegan soups that I love at work, and since we throw out whatever is not eaten at the end of the day, I sometimes save them for my lunches during the week (sometimes there is no vegan soup of the day). I did this last weekend with my beloved Gypsy Chili. I had it once two days after I saved it and it was might delicious, so I kept the rest to eat as well. You know where this is headed…I had the last of it for lunch yesterday…and it was bad. However, not so bad that I didn’t realize it till I ate it all and was coming back from break. My stomach told me something was off.

The next two hours were really uncomfortable, but I began to feel better towards the end of the shift. This was great because I made some wonderful tacos to celebrate Cinco De Mayo (no affiliation, I just love tacos). So that’s my story, time for WIAW!



Breakfast: Green Almond Joy Smoothie


Lunch: Gypsy Chili (the bad!) and broccoli


Dinner: Two tacos, one with vegan cheese, guacamole, tangy slaw and tomato. Another with almond butter, jelly and banana. Had with carrots and dip.



Snack: Yonanas and a chocolate chip peanut butter cookie (my last one 😦



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