TOL [Doubts, Injuries, Work]

What’s up BLOGGERS?! Thursdays are one of my favorite days! Let’s get thinking [OUT LOUD]

I definitely pulled my groin last week. As much as I’ve tried to avoid labelling an injury (because it makes it seem real), I think I have self-diagnosed myself.

Groin injury pain pattern. MendMeShop ®   ©2012
Groin injury pain pattern. MendMeShop ®  ©2012


Honestly, it’s hard not to get down on myself about it sometimes. I hate not being able to run because any other activity does not have the same zest. I have a marathon at the end of the month which I’ve trained through the winter for and felt really ready to complete. I jogged for 20 minutes today and felt the uncomfort, not intolerable, but certainly not manageable for 26.2 miles.


Doubt creeps in and I wonder if I should not sign up for races anymore because I never know if I will be injured. I know this is all part of the process. Honestly, I get injured more at work. It’s just that my race is so close, anything that puts doubt in my mind is magnified. Oh well, at least I have work to take some of the bad thoughts away.


And work I do have! This week I do not have a day off. This might be the norm for some of you, but it’s not like I’m sitting at a desk all day. I’m moving and shaking. I had to close last night, and woke up SORE this morning! Sore! Closing is kind of taxing (moreso than opening) because it’s just you and the person up front so you both have to run around and do everything. There’s also prep that needs to be done for the morning among other things. In the same way getting up at 4 to open, closing also has it’s challenges. Luckily today I am working 11-7:30 so I don’t have to do either. I just have to do all the mid-shift stuff which is hard, but not as draining.

That’s really all I have to squawk about today. I’ve been enjoying my #MayNoSandwichChallenge immensely and think that even when I choose to eat bread again, I will have garnered some skills and relearned how to make and batch cook grains. My favorite think I’ve made so far was the gnocchi pesto with sun-dried tomatoes. It was different from anything I’ve had because it’s hard to find vegan pesto.

tacos1 may6 gnocchi april223

That’s all that is in my brain.

How do you deal with doubting yourself?



  1. Doubt is a nasty one for sure, and something I’ve dealt with a lot through the process of starting my own business. I think, at the end of the day, it really helps to redefine how you see failure, and that trying something and not necessarily meeting your immediate goals doesn’t mean that everything is going to go wrong in the long-term. Every set back makes an awesome lesson, and good can be taken from every bad situation, even if it’s hard to see at the time.

    • I work at a place called Collegetown Bagles ❤ It has my heart! I actually used a store bought vegan pesto that I found. It was quite good!

      • I’ve been there before! I went when I visited Cornell! Maybe I saw you and didn’t know it! That is, if you work at the location I went to : in Collegetown at the bottom of the big hill (the Cornell bell tower is at the top of the hill)!

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