Saturday Catch Up

What a busy week! I can honestly say that I haven’t had a proper day off since last Tuesday. I’m not one to complain [yet, I will later in the summer haha] but having today off feels nice. I don’t feel rushed into anything, I know I have some catching up to do on laundry, grocery shopping and getting my mom a Mother’s Day gift. But I have the whole day. A complete day to myself!

What has gone on this week? I’ve had my first full week of my #MayNoSandwichChallenge. Although it has been challenging at work some days when I just want my hummus wrap, I’ve been enjoying all the new grains. This morning I am eating fareek! I found it in Wegmans and decided to give it a go. It has a nutty flavor and depth. Almost if you crossed oatmeal with quinoa. I poured some vanilla almond milk on it and mixed it with berries. It’s pretty good…but that reminds me I need to get more cereal when I go shopping.



At work, the lines are getting longer and things are getting more steamy. I mean that in the temperature sense, not between the staff. It was over 80 yesterday and we were all sweating like a walrus at the beach. Finally we got two fans up from the basement to cool us off. My boss needs to fix the AC. He’s rich. He can do it #ComeOnGregor!

This week just seems to have flew. I don’t really know what I even did. How sad is that? I want to be in the moment and more mindful, but I can honestly say the days ran together. I knewย I had a big week, and part of getting through that was telling myself on Sunday that I would take each day as it comes and be present. I succeeded in that because work didn’t feel too long, but it all feels like one day.

I am still not running as my groin is still sore. I tried yesterday and it felt bad, so I stopped. Being on the elliptical takes so much mental energy! All I want to do is get outside in this beautiful weather, but I have to accept that I cannot. Not today. Not until it feels better. Alas, the woes of someone who loves running!

I still need to buy a bike, and ifย I do not do that today, I will probably wait till I move in the beginning of June. I’m not sure how much time I’ll have to ride it in the coming weeks. All I know is that I look out the window at CTB and I want to be out riding. I want to feel more connected to nature.

That’s all for now ๐Ÿ™‚

How do you get outside?

Is your work more or less busy at certain points of the year?



  1. Starbucks has moments where it’s busier for sure. Christmas time, and usually in the summer months too. Otherwise it’s just always busy at certain times of the day right before work. Is that freekeh? I’ve only ever had it savory, but now want to try it as a breakfast cereal!

    • Honestly, I’ll stick to regular cereal. It was ok, but not sweet enough for me even with the vanilla almond milk. It was really good later when I had it with tomatoes, slaw and hummus in a macro bowl though!

    • PB&J is God’s gift to mankind. Going without those sammies has been challenging. However, it has given me more reason to add peanut butter to all kids of other food ๐Ÿ™‚

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