Lincoln Up #28 [The Best I’ve Read This Week]

Good Morning! What a beautiful day! I feel so blessed to live where I do. Ithaca is really rough during the winter, but these spring and summer days are to die for!

Lincoln Up

Welcome to Lincoln Up! I read many great articles this week and learned some new terms. Has anyone else ever heard of the “Dad Bod”? I certainly never heard the term, but it makes sense to me! Another worthy article is about what to say to a friend who thinks your running [or any fitness] will kill you. Honestly, getting in your car is a lot more dangerous than exercising everyday. Just my opinion.

Have a happy, healthy week!



How To Respond To a Friend Who Thinks Running Will Kill You : “I acknowledge and appreciate her concern. After all, it’s nice to know someone cares about my health and safety, even if her fear is a bit misguided. On the other hand, it would have been nice if she had shown that same concern in college…you know, when I was overweight and smoking cigarettes.”

Meb Turns 40 Today [Cinco De Mayo!] :: I love how Meb interviews. He has a lot of charisma and is just a good guy. I with triathletes (and other runners) had his candor.

Road To Recovery? :: I needed to read this. Having been sidelined this past week (and then some) and looking at a race coming up, I have been in some serious runner doubt. However, even if I cannot run the race I wanted this year, I am still a runner and I will run again. That is beautiful.


Advice From Moms : The most that resonates with me: Don’t pick, scabs, nose or between chocolate or peanut butter, choose both!

How To Make An Edible Gratitude Jar : Who isn’t grateful for cake? Also, in a jar means ecofriendly so everyone wins!

What Your First Date Eating Habits Say About You :: I am usually an “Can I have some of your chips?” type of person.


What The World Eats :: I should look up what “pulses” is. How typical that as meat consumption has increases, so has greenhouse gas emissions. Eat plants.
Making Future Babies Fatter? :: This is very interesting! However, just because my body may be more fit for a certain type of exercise, does not mean I will enjoy it more than the one I already do.

Why Do Dieters Gain Their Weight Back? : “When I was in school they taught us that if most of the kids failed the test, then the problem was probably the teacher and not the students.  So if only a tiny fraction of people are able to maintain weight loss, is it really believable that the product works but almost everybody is just too weak-willed to do it?”

Overcoming An Eating Disorder With Instagram :: This is very thought provoking. I’m not sure how keeping a photo journal of your food helps, but if it works, I’m not one to question it.


Explaining The “Dad Bod” :: I have never heard of this term before, but I completely get it! The “dad bod” is sexy in it’s own way. I call it “chubby chasing”.



5 Things You Should Never Say To Vegans :: I especially hate the “what do you eat?” question, when it comes from the same person every week. Are they really that dumb??



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