WIAW [Always end the day with guac]

Hello and Happy Wednesday! Yesterday was such a busy day at work. Every second Tuesday is called “Bagel Tuesday” in which we sell a dozen bagels for $6.50. Normally they are $9.95 so this is a very good deal.

That and additionally having a broken cooler, made for a very interesting day. I was so tired by the end, that I was glad when my coworker asked to go to our favorite Mexican restaurant for dinner. I was ready for some conversation and to let someone else cook for me πŸ™‚

Props to Jenn for the WIAW party!


Let’s get going!

[BREAKFAST] Ezekiel 4:9 cereal with blueberries


This is my favorite cereal. I actually bought a different kind this week with flakes and puffs in it, but I think I am going to go back when I finish the box. It’s good, but there is something about the Ezekiel cereal that really works. It soaks up the vanilla almond milk so well and tastes lovely with berries or bananas.

[LUNCH] Pesto with Beyond Meat chicken, sautΓ©ed kale and rice


I haven’t had Beyond Meat in a while, but decided to give it a go when I was at the store last week. My kale was on it’s last limb, and since I refuse to eat it unless it is fried or hidden in a smoothie, sautΓ©ing it with pesto was brilliant. Serving this over a simple wild rice was a perfect lunch

[DINNER] Vegan Nachos from Viva Taqueria!


I think this might replace my vegan burrito and tofu quesadilla as my new Viva favorite. IT WAS HUGE! I was ready for some good eating after the long day I had. The nachos came with black beans, rice, guacamole and salsa. The great thing about Viva is that they make their own chips, so mine we a bit over done. This was PERFECT because I like crispy chips and it also held the toppings really well. MUY BUENO!

[SNACK] Chocolate Chip Oatmeal PB Bars frosted with an apple


No regrets. Just living the high life πŸ™‚

What is your favorite Mexican meal?

Favorite cereal?



    • I told my dad once that I only wanted to be financially stable enough to never have to think twice about ordering extra guacamole

  1. I ate at Viva Taqueria when I was in Ithaca! That place is the BOMB! I had the vegan burrito and I couldn’t believe how big (and spicy!) it was! If I ever go back, I’m getting those nachos and face planting into them. THEY LOOK SO GOOD.

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