TOL: Broken Appliances, Groin Pain and The Sandwich Challenge

Whew I’m so excited for my day off today! It’s supposed to be 69 degrees and sunny all day. Yesterday was about 50 when I was outside, so my body was freaking out. After a week of 80 degrees, it did not know how to handle the drastic change. It’s still a bit nippy in here this morning (I don’t close my windows after April) but I’m sure it will warm up.

The past three days at work have been interesting and exciting because we are working through a few broken appliances.

First off, out AC unit did not work over the weekend. They finally fixed it yesterday just in time for the 55 degree temperatures. I cannot believe I wore a sweatshirt all day at work. Oh well, it’s fixed now and that’s all that matters. We did joke with every customer that came in and complained about the heat that the bosses were trying to make us lose our winter weight. That lightened the mood a bit πŸ™‚


[Trying to keep a smile on]

Another kind of big deal we’ve been dealing with is a broken cooler. This is very problematic because we keep everything in there. I mean everything. The things we use to make sandwiches and back ups, the pastries from the front case, the juices and milks we sell. Everything. Monday was spent taking drinks out of the front coolers and putting milk in there (the milk used to make lattes, cappuccinos etc) and moving the meat and cheese to the salad bar space. Basically I iced all that stuff all day and we didn’t have a salad bar. We had to take everything out and our delivery driver moved it to another location. Whenever we needed anything, instead of walking in the cooler to get it, we had to call and have it brought down from a couple miles away.

The good thing is, we have less to prep with no salad bar and limited space, but the weekend will be a challenge when we go through things at a faster rate. Right now to keep things cool, we have a portable cooler that is not organized in the best way. I tried to do it yesterday and my back felt it. Crouching around and moving heavy crates was draining, but I needed to make sure people knew where things are when I am not there. Here’s to broken technology.

I am still going strong on the #MayNoSandwichChallenge. I finished the fareek last night and need to buy a new grain today. I am actually really liking the bean, sprout and cheese combo. So I might try my hand at makingΒ a large batch of dried beans and having that last me through the week. I’ve made slow cooker beans before and they were great. We’ll see how much time I have today.



My groin is still sore and I have not run (here comes the sad face) but from doing more elliptical, I think my mental energy and strength is getting better. It takes a lot of effort to stay on that thing when you are bored. I am anxious about being able to run the marathon, but have pray a lot and am at peace. Whatever the Big Guy upstairs wants to happen will happen. I can only continue to take off running and get better.

Does anyone else like dresses? I am totally loving the weather because a dress means I do not have to match anything. Lazy+dressed up=success!


[New dress that I still sweated through]

That’s all that is on my brain right now!

Tell me something about you!



  1. I love dresses. I wear them to work, and when I have to go out and about for “fancier” things. They just make me feel so FREE! Yours is adorable.

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