Lincoln Up #29 [The Best I’ve Read This Week]

Good Morning Happy Bloggers! So many good links this week! I’ll just let you dive in!

Lincoln Up

Happy Sunday!



Irrelevant Things Matter In Economic Behavior :: I found this very compelling. It’s like how students don’t care if they learn, they only care about the GPA. It’s kind of sad, but makes sense in our “make it to the top at all costs” society.

Why Some People Change, And Others Stay Stuck :: I think a lot of it comes from having that low point or an epiphany. 80% of people who change have lived through a trauma, which makes them resilient in the face of doubt or hardship that come with change.



Why It Is Good To Indulge (& Gain Weight) After A Marathon :: Elite runner Tina Muir has the most practical blog for everyday runners that comes from an elite perspective. Everything she says makes sense. After your race, you worked hard, you deserve to let your body relax a bit. No one is in peak shape all year round.

5 Things Successful Runners Never Do :: I’ve tried really hard to get better at number 4. If you make pain your friend, you’ll never be alone.

Tip and Tricks To Running With Your Better Half :: No one needs a divorce over running. These ladies show you how they do it and stay in love (with both running and their spouse)



Sisters Find Each Other In Columbia Writing Class :: Stories like this make me believe God has a master plan and confirms my belief of His existance. What an amazing story!
Everyone Is Beating Whole Foods At It’s Own Game :: I’ve never been to one of these stores, but I don’t really think it has much to worry about. The fans are diehard.


I Gave Up Alcohol And Started Working Out And Felt Worse Than Ever :: Health is about the whole package.

Green Tea Extract Promotes Liver Cancer :: This article pointso out the dangers of isolating nutrients. A tablet of Vitamin C is never as good as an orange. Another thing I like to point out when people ask where vegans get protien, from a complex and vaired diet. You don’t and shouldnt get all your protien from one source.
McDonalds Destroyed The Gut Health of A College Student in 10 Days :: Wow. Just wow.

11 Tiny Reasons To Wake up Tomorrow That Make All The Difference :: Number one is to pet a dog. I think that is vegan undertone 😉 The number one reason I wake up is to do my favorite thing: sweat!

Simplest Ways To Offset Sitting All Day :: Just two minutes an hour! Go get a drink or go to the bathroom or something.



  1. Oh my gosh I just read the McDonald’s article and that’s crazy! First of all, the poor college kid/guinea pig for the experiment…And second, I guess it just goes to show how important our body’s fuel is on an every single day basis.

    • That’s so true Liv! I think you might be able to eat healthy at McDonalds if you limit yourself, but I also think supporting them as a corporation is a bad idea. They do not have the greatest business practices or food sourcing.

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