TOL: Born to Run [Getting it back]

I want to talk about running. I want to talk about my favorite activity. I want to talk about it OUT LOUD.

Ok, here we go.

Most of my readers know that I have been dealing with groin pain for the past four weeks. It started slowly on a run one morning and was crippling to the point where walking was uncomfortable. For the first two weeks, I told myself it would be better by May 24th, in time for me to run my first marathon.

Those two weeks passed. I scratched three races (well, I walked a 5k) and have no run since the initial day of pain. A couple of times, I tried, but stopped when I could feel it. Two weeks of no running made me realize there was no wayΒ I was doing a marathon on May 24th.


Now, two weeks after that low point, I have been able to run 45 minutes at a pace slower than 10 minutes per mile. To say I am elated would be an understatement. During my time of no running, I reread Born To Run and Eat and Run, two books that inspired my love of running a couple years ago.

To say that my priorities have changed about running would also be an understatement.

To put to out there boldly, my philosophy has changed.

During the winter, I ran at least one tempo, one speed workout and a long run each week. Every other run was mostly at a pace I could hold for longer if needed, but didn’t go over 6 miles. I was comfortably pushed outside my comfort zone in terms of pace. This worked really well for me, I won a half marathon and was incredibly fit.


After my half, I continued to train in this way. I felt good, until the day I pulled my groin. I realize now, after the half, I should have done all easy running and cross training the week after and not resumed normal training. I was only able to race a couple fun 5ks after that before the injury that put me out of my goal race.

Having time off has humbled me greatly. I have worked on my metal run strength through elliptical sessions (SO BORING!) and have taken time to reassess how I want to continue my future in running.

So, here it is:

I want to run more, not faster.

I want to have experiences with people while running.

I want to use running as my mediation.

I want to be injury free for a long time.

I want to run free, in nature and surround myself with beauty.

My training to run a fast half marathon was great for me, but having accomplished that goal, I want to look to farther distances. I want to do the marathon, but also look beyond that to ultras and trail races. I want to see where running can take me spiritually and emotionally.


I feel Born to Run, and I want to live it.

What is the thing that makes you feel alive?



  1. I love running. Hitting a certain pace and just feeling at ease and a sense of total relaxations are the absolute best kind of run! Sorry to hear about your groin but you’re being so smart about the whole recovery process. Hope you have a great Thursday!

  2. It’s always good to evaluate your goals. Running is so nice. It’s terrible for muscle growth and building mass but it’s so much fun!

    • Yeah I guess if I was a body builder it would not be too beneficial to run, luckily I did not choose that life path πŸ˜‰

  3. I think it’s awesome that you were able to take a different perspective and figure out your goals! I’m still a little fledgling runner, but even I find myself loving it more and more every day, when it used to be something I absolutely dreaded. I never imagined I’d consider doing something like a half one day, but now… who knows!

    • I’ve been following your running journey when you mention it and cheering silently in the background! You can do anything you put your mind to!

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