5 Things Friday [My favorite websites]

It’s no secret, we all spend a lot of time online. Social media is a huge outlet for creative expression, fun and knowledge. Inspired by Hollie’s post yesterday, I began to think about what I do when I am online.

Where do I go?

What sites do I visit the most?

Why do I go there?

I realized that I usually begin with a form of media like Twitter, and work out from there ending at similar sites because they contain content relevant to my life. I like to know what’s going on in feminism, the world, veganism and running so those are the sites I frequent.

For this 5 things Friday, I nailed down the websites I visit the most. I hope you put them in your favorites and learn to love them as well.

1.) Everyday Feminism


I have never been able to put into words the things I feel as well as the writers for this website. The topics are vast and interesting. The main point is that you cannot care about one cause without caring about another. Gender, race, class etc are all at the intersection of equality and are all important in making a better world. These articles are AWESOME!

2.) Mind Body Musings


Maddy Moon is an ex-fitness model and talks realistically about the things she deals with and how you can find body freedom and acceptance. I like the way she is able to now see herself and her self worth. I also enjoy listening to her podcasts because they are entertaining and relevant when I don’t feel so hot.

3.) Mind Body Green


Everything about this website is about wellness. There are recipes, meditative practices, success stories, acceptance stories and general articles to improve your life. Not everything works for me, but I have applied many principles on a daily basis that have significantly improved my life.

4.) Runner’s World Zelle


Stories of female runners! The woes, the victories and all the gross/amazing things that deal with running and being a woman. Check it out!

5.) The Daily Skimm


You should know what it going on in the world, even if it’s just a base understanding. The Daily Skimm is delivered to my inbox each morning and is a five minute news read. The writing style is creative and perfect for millennials. This news is so not boring!

What is one website you cannot live without?



  1. The Skimm is my everything. It honestly helps me stay informed, and get motivated to stay MORE informed. I read it first thing in the morning while I’m still working on getting up and getting my brain working : ) I also read DailyBeast quite a bit. Definitely checking out these sites you recommend! Hope you have a great MDW!!

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