Lincoln Up #28 [The Best I’ve Read This Week]

Lincoln Up

Good Morning and welcome to this week’s edition of Lincoln Up! My favorite article this week has to be the one about reframing mental illness. There are so many stigmas surrounding what is and what should be covered in mental illness. We still do not know how to talk about it. This article explains how to talk about a person’s illness in more PC terms. I also related to the 25 stages going from Hungry to Hangry #We’veAllBeenThere.

Have a wonderful Sunday!



The 25 All-Too-Real Stages Of Going From Hungry To Hangry :: You know when it hits. It’s awful. I cannot be held responsible for my sarcasm at this point 😉

10 Natural Ways To Help You Beat Depression :: Easy things to include in your life. The best one this time of year: SUN!

It’s Time To Stop Using These Phrases For Mental Illness ::  “speaking and writing in a way that acknowledges the person first, then the condition or disability.”

Too Busy For Love? :: I have struggled with having relationships in my life because I am too set in my busy lifestyle to make room for it. What am I missing out on?

The Counter Intuitive Advice To Get Kids To Eat Healthy :: Just eat it! (Cue Michael Jackson background music “Beat it”)

Jeb Bush Paleo Diet Weight Loss? :: I bet if Jeb went vegan and plant based, he would have no trouble loving food and losing weight. Might I suggest The Plant Power Way by Rich Roll and Julie Piatt?



Community :: The vegan community shares a common value. It’s different than saying “oh, you’re a Christian? You should meet so and so.” Coming from both the vegan and Christian camps, I can say that I will probably have more in common with other vegans than other Christians.

8 Year Old Vegan Calls For Meatless Mondays :: This is quite possibly the cutest #MeatlessMonday advocate ever! You Go Girl!!

Pamela Anderson’s Newest Ad For Peta :: I guess I’m all for animal rights, whatever form it takes.



6 Steps To A Runcation :: I have wanted to plan a run-cation for a while now. This article is a sign it’s time.

She Runs: Ella Fitzgerald :: It doesn’t take much to lessen your environmental impact. This is a runner who does it right!


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