WIAW: [The #MayNoSandwichChallenge]

Has come to a close!


Yes, technically it is still May, but it has been thirty days since I stopped eating things in between two slices or in a wrap and began to cook more often.


Yesterday I ate my first wrap (hummus, seitan, onions, tomato, sprouts and spinach) and it was good. I have no regrets about doing the challenge nor do I have any about stopping it yesterday. The point ofΒ  the challenge was to get out of a food rut, not to get healthier, change my diet or anything other than to relearn my old favorites.

It was a great month! I really did not crave sandwiches much at all. The craving came from the familiarity that came along side making a sandwich. I could do it in my sleep. I did not have to plan because I can really eat anything between two pieces of bread. I know I like sandwiches, so I did not have to worry about not liking what I made.


This month had it’s challenges. I had to batch cook rice, beans and veggies a bit more because during my workdays, my time is limited. I did not want to cook anything when I get home from work, some days as late as 7:30 and just want to shove food into my mouth and relax. Batch cooking things on my days off eased this process because instead of sandwiches, I made bowls. My motto was “a grain, a bean and a green (or veggie)”. I tried many new bowls and grains, all of which I liked.


By the end of the month, I started to prefer the beans, sprouts and cheese combo and had that more often. It is my mac n cheese comfort food.


For breakfasts, I had a lot of cereal and berries. This time of year, fruit just tastes so much better! I have no regrets changing from PB&J to cereal. Even this morning, I am eating a bowl of cereal with berries even though I have the ingredients to make PB&J. The only thing I really missed was peanut butter. I could have made peanut noodles or something like PB&J oats, but I started to enjoy cereal, and knew that this month would end and I would get it back.

rasp1 rasp2

It was not the end of the world. I learned that I could live without certain foods for a time and not be sad. I learned how to add my favorite sandwich toppings to other things. I made hummus out of falafels. I mixed guacamole with beans.


I found a new staple at work dish: rice, avocado and roasted red peppers. Eating at work was probably the most challenging, but only on the weekends when we don’t have the salad bar. Being able to get rice, beans and pasta salad is very convenient through the week, but weekends are a challenge because we do not put it up. On the weekends is when I created the rice, avocado and RRPs dish. I brought a container of rice from home and added what I wanted from that.


I went to my favorite Mexican restaurant twice and didn’t get my favorite burrito. I got the Vegan Nachos and am so glad I did! They are my new favorite!


I am really happy with how this month went. I plan to keep making dinners featuring rice, beans and pasta but plan to eat sandwiches at work. I plan to switch things up more often. What a really learned was that cooking does not have to be stressful or time consuming, food keeps in the fridge for at least a week and bread is still delicious.

What is the one meal you could eat and never get tired of it?



  1. Never ever get tired of acai bowls, pizza, egg sandwiches, or frozen yogurt. So basically I’m addicted to food. Haha. I like the challenge of mixing up your routine… I might borrow your idea and have June be the month without any sandwich wraps!

    • Good luck! Wraps are my FAVORITE! I love hummus wraps, avocado wraps, burritos, pb and banana wraps…oh my gosh that sounds so good I think I’ll have one now πŸ˜‰

  2. That is super impressive! I make sandwiches all the time too because, like you said, I could do it in my sleep. Those vegan nachos are so impressive I would eat those every day of the week! I love the phrase “a grain, a bean and a green” — that seems like a motto to keep up regardless of a sandwich-less month or not haha. Nice job! It’s hard to do anything for a month straight!

    • I accomplished my goal. I relearned to cook. Sandwiches have their place in my diet (a big place!!) but so do delicious other foods πŸ™‚

  3. I can’t believe this month is almost over already! And I can’t believe you went a whole month without having a sandwich. That’s tough. Great job!

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