Still not running, but loving life!

It is very hard for me to admit that I am not at 100% in terms of running. Quite honestly, I hate it. The past few days I’ve been able to do slow runs on the treadmill. It has been humbling and there is not much discomfort. I can live with that. This morning, my legs were not having it.


They said no.

I made the decision, going against my ego, and opted for the elliptical to cross train.

It went fine, I do not disrespect people who only use that mode of cardio to get their fitness. I think it’s a great tool and with the right mindset, can even be enjoyable. I am just feeling discouraged because I want to get back at running without pain and more often. I miss the feeling of kicking butt. I miss the outdoors!

Not running is something that is still very hard to grapple with. I will say it again, this injury has been great for my mental strength both in and out of sport. I have to focus while being extremely bored. I have to get off my pedestal and go really slow. I know this will be good for my running in the long run, but I just wish that end would come sooner rather than later.


[The good thing about having a groin injury, I’ve been able to keep up with my 3-4 minute daily plank challenge!]

Ok, end of running rant. Hey, it is TOL for a reason 😉

Other things that are happening in my life include work drama. I love this! I am not emotionally connected to it, so I can watch from a comical distance, make humorous comments and just see how things play out. Essentially, two of my coworkers got together with a “no strings attached” policy…and let’s just say one of them got attached. The funny part is that we all just make jokes about how the other one is a heart throb and this is why none of us are dating each other even if we want to (haha this is a joke!) The day ended with this really interesting face made with the excess veggie scraps we cannot use. It made us all put a smile on 🙂


I had my first bagel sandwich in over a month yesterday. I had to have my favorite bagel (rosemary salt) with chive toffutti, avocado, tomato and sprouts. It was quite delicious! Last night I did stay with my rice, beans and cheese bowl. I had mung beans for the first time in like two years and really enjoyed them! It pays to cook things properly. I remember the last time I did not follow the directions and they were really hard.


Last thing for the day! I love the podcast The Sporkful by Dan Pashman. He has a great media voice and succeeds in teaching his audience how to eat delicious food. The greatest invention he had for me was the “waffle falafel”. Essentially, to get an appropriate distribution of toppings to falafel, he discovered that if you make a waffle out of the falafel batter, the fillings can be put on top or inside a waffle sandwich so every bite has a little bit of everything. It was a GREAT idea!! Anywho, he wrote a book called “Eat More Better” which I got from the library yesterday. I cannot wait to dive in and make my meals even better!


Is there any drama at your work?

What is your favorite podcast? TV show?



  1. No drama at my work thankfully! I work for a really small team, and I think drama would totally mess with our general atmosphere at work. It’s good that you’re not involved and can observe from a distance – keeps the day entertaining I’m sure!! Hope you have a great Thursday!

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