Five Things Friday [What happened to LOL?]

Let’s get real, I was totally a part of the instant messaging generation. I was a user of “LOL”, “BRB”, “G2G” and the ever confusing LYLAS (you know you used it on those people you didn’t like just to be nice)


However, sometimes present day social media makes me thing I am in a foreign country. I actually look up terms on Google every time I see a status that looks as if the Tweeter is quizzing me on the correct organization of the alphabet. I need to get myself straightened out. Today I am linking up with Fitting It All In and Five Things Friday (with this soon be 5TF? or maybe FTF? Who knows?!?!)


TBH: To Be Honest

This is the hardest one for me to remember because it is VERY popular. I see it at least once every twenty posts and I Google it every time. TBH, why would I lie on Twitter anyway and need to use this acronym?

OOTD: Outfit Of The Day

This is one I see on Snapchat. My friend will take a picture of herself in a pretty dress and just write OOTD in a very large font. She looks cute, but I always want to sound out the word and sound like a toddler learning to speak. Thanks girllllll, you lookin’ fine!


BFD: Big Freaking Deal

I actually like this one when it is in my Daily Skimm email because they use it in the context of World News. Things that are one BFD. When I see a picture of a cat playing with a laser toy on the ground and the tag it “My cat is soooo smart BFD!” I don’t understand, or care. NABFD (guess what that means)

FOMO: Fear Of Missing Out

I think this post could be retitled FOMO…if I really cared that much about using these acronyms. I think millennials use social media so much because of this fear and it is causing less physical interactions and relationships. Only time will tell how this affects future generations.


ICYMI: In Case You Missed It

Ok, it usually only take me a couple seconds to get this one but it is also a trigger that the post is a “repost” and I can skip it. What gets me is people who post ICYMI about five times a day for one article. I obviously didn’t miss it. Thank you for showing me 16 pictures of cats…5 times…

Others I understand but fail to use: BAE, MCM, TBT, FBF, “hashtag”


[I agree…but sometimes 140 characters is not enough]

I think I finally will remember these acronyms.

What is your most used phrase on social media?




One comment

  1. Hmmm that’s a good question. I’m not totally sure what my most used phrase is, but it’s probably something embarrassing like YOLO. I’m always so behind on the times I loved this post – keeping me informed : ) Hope you have a great weekend!

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