Lincoln Up #29 [The Best I’ve Read This Week]

Lincoln Up

Good Morning and thanks for checking out my Lincoln Up post! The most fantastic article this week was written by a dear friend, Keara Hozella. She is a writer for the Huffington Post and shares my love of cats, sarcasm and food. She’s a legitimate lady and I am so glad we have reconnected (now send me more cat snapchats!) I hope you all are relaxing and enjoying the randomly chilly day we are having. Keep it real!

Happy Sunday!



Do I Need To Lose Weight? :: Kaila Prins asks readers what they think of “before” and “after” photos. She remarkes that her after photo is a lot like other people’s before photos. She concludes that although this body might not be the mainstream ideal, it is her ideal. I think we can all relate.

Why You Should Ditch The Diet Talk Forever :: I actually know the author of this article! Keara is SO STRONG, BEAUTIFUL and AMAZING for her efforts in the mental health community! This is her second article on HuffPost! Here’s to many more!

Is Hunger Satiety All In Our Heads? :: Ben says a lot of stuff and sometimes I think he might be classified insane, however I completely agree with much of his madness. I definitely think that chewing your calories makes you stay fuller for longer. The easiest way to cut diabetes risks is to cut out juices and caloric beverges.

5 Things You Knew Before Technology Took Over Your Life :: Life without technology sounds so freeing, yet so scary! How would I be inspired as to what to have for dinner without Instagram? #FirstWorldProblems



Are Only Humans Rightly Free? :: “As abundant, robust scientific studies of these animals have demonstrated, members of these species possess a powerful sense of autonomy; they live their lives not according to reflexes or innate behaviors but make choices and pursue actions based on complex internal cognitive processes”

Wellness Experts Weigh In On The Vegan Diet :: I think someone should tell Marion Nestle (whom I admire and respect) that vegetarian diets should not include chicken or fish. Read further down for Ellen Jaffe Jones (vegan athlete and nutritionist) for her take on a vegan diet for life.

Longevity and Health, It Takes A Village :: The cornerstone of every “Blue Zone” diet was the humble bean! That is the best sentence in the article!



Run Training After A Break :: Even though I took off due to injury, not to strength train, I am experiencing many of the symptoms this runner is after the lay off. I run much slower, my legs are sore and a long run isn’t really that long. It’s good to hear that I am not alone and am on the right to track to getting my speed again!

A 92 Year Old Woman Aims To Make Marathon History :: This woman is amazing! Who doesn’t still want to be fit at 92?

How To Embrace Every Single Run And Enjoy It :: This rings true for me when I have to go slow (which is all the time). It’s just running. It’ something I love. Embrace the suck and CRUSH IT!



Read This If You’re Worried You’ll Never Find The One :: The possibility that we will find someone somewhere who will love all our flaws is not an excuse not to work on them. How would you live your life differently if you knew no one was going to swoop down and save you?

Leading Men Age, But Their Love Interests Do Not :: This is an interesting study on the male to female dynamic in Hollywood. It is more likely that an older man will have a younger love interest than the other way around. Something to ponder as I become more engaged in the feminist community and age myself.



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