New Sandwich Creations and THESE ARE VEGAN?!

The May No Sandwich challenge was a great month. I really liked the concept of eliminating my “go-to food” to get out of the rut I was in. I actually haven’t hit sandwiches and bread as hard as I would have thought. Maybe my problem wasn’t so bad.

In terms of sandwiches, I have two new creations to share today. Throughout May, the sandwich master juices in my brain were working away and there were many different combinations I wanted to try when it was over. I did not write these down, but let the inspiration come to me when I went to lunch. My normal hummus wraps or sandwiches were replaced these last few days with a couple new items and both with great success.

1.) The Breakfast Burrito


[Tofu scramble, avocado, mushrooms, sautΓ©ed onions and spinach in a garlic herb wrap]

This was the perfect brunch food! On Sundays I open CTB at 6AM but usually don’t get breakfast until 10AM. That means I am hungrier and want something substantial (in contrast to cereal or a bagel). This fit the bill perfectly. The only change I might make is guacamole instead of avocado (we don’t have that at CTB) and maybe add some Daiya cheese next time. Muy Bueno!

2.) Grilled Cheese with Seitan


[lemon-teriyaki seitan, Daiya cheese, onions, sprouts and spinach on hand-sliced multigrain bread]

This is my take on the classic grilled ham and cheese from my childhood…but so much better! The kicker is the lemon-teriyaki seitan. It adds a depth of flavor that makes the sandwich more grown-up. The addition of sprouts is great especially when you melt it with the cheese. Then it gets all stringy and your teeth pull it apart. This sammie has wonderful mouth feel. MELT THAT CHEESE!

In other news, I got the keys to my new apartment yesterday!!! I cannot wait to move to a place where my bedroom is bigger than my whole current apartment. I plan to start moving this afternoon and finish sometime this month. I have until July to move out completely of my current apartment. Coincidentally, my sister got the keys to her apartment yesterday too! Twinning.


My last nugget of goodness for the blog today are these:


They happen to be vegan and will probably be at the first cookout at my new apartment. I find it ironic that regular s’mores are not vegan at all (marshmallows=ground up animal ligaments) but the cookie version totally is. Oreos are certainly not a health food, but advocating for animal rights was not supposed to be a cake walk. Sorry #RawTill4 and Dr. T Colin Campbell, but Oreos are my vegan love.

How do those sandwiches look?!

What is your favorite (store bought) cookie?



  1. I’m sorry what. S’mores Oreos. I think my life has been forever changed. I saw the birthday cake oreo’s (looked like funfetti) and while delicious (obvs) didn’t seem too different from the OG version. I will be investigating these and most likely purchasing as soon as possible. I’m a sucker for #allthingssugar : ) Hope you have a great day!

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