WIAW June 3, 2015

Yesterday was a day I ate all the things. I am in the process of moving which is really fun, but also make me hungry! Luckily, I had tons of delicious food to keep me satisfied throughout my various travels.

Thanks to Jenn for the party!




A cinnamon raisin English muffin with peanut butter and raspberry jalapeno jam



A roasted red pepper hummus wrap with roasted shaved root vegetables



A green smoothie bought from Wegmans containing spinach, almond milk, banana, pineapple, chlorella, spirulina, almonds and flax seeds



A wrap with guacamole, spinach and sautéed onions. Lentils and rice on the side.



My vegan cinnamon brownies topped with cookie butter and a handful of cereal.

Looking back, this was a great day! I had the day off from work, so I trained most of the morning (run+bike) and then moved some of my stuff that afternoon. My new bedroom is bigger than my whole current apartment and it takes me 15 seconds to walk to work now (instead of the five minutes it does now).

Later that night my best friend and now ROOMIE Christened our new place with an episode of Summerland (were going to watch that and then work through all the seasons of 7th Heaven). Even though our walls are blank and the only thing filled is my closet, it already feels like home. I will keep working on moving in this week and next until I get everything over.

It will be sad to say goodbye to my current place. What will I do with all the extra room, the no fire drills and not having to defend my veganism to the random video gamer who sits in the lounge 24/7? I’m starting to tear up…not. I cannot wait to get out of here!

Do you like moving? 



  1. English muffins are such a staple in my diet. Quick, easy and absolutely delicious! OMG… 7th Heaven.. totally forgot about that show. Please tell me it’s available for binge watching on Netflix??! I love moving and hate it all at the same time. It is such a pain in the butt and I hate physically moving all my stuff, but I love that it gives me the opportunity to purge/clean everything. Makes me feel so much more organized. Happy Wednesday!!

    • I think my friend got it from a Torrents site (she’s a professional computer programmer) Happy Wednesday to you too!

    • Any kind really. I just get the 8 or 10 inch ones at my local supermarket. I like the big ones because you can fit more stuff in them.

  2. Raspberry-Jalapeno? Interesting. Is it hot? I saw those Wegmans smoothies for sale today and wondered if they were good. It looks like they have all sorts of different kinds. (I LOVE WEGMANS!! teehee!)

    • 🙂 I basically want to make a pan everyday…too bad I’m moving here and am trying not to make anything so I don’t have to carry it 😦

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