Five Things Friday [5 Podcasts Worth Listening To]

I love listening to podcasts. On a long run, walk or when I am doing the background work at CTB, I am always listening to something. A lot of my coworkers think it’s music…but I deceive them! I am listening to some of the best radio voices speak about really interesting things. I have many different shows on my queue that span all my hobbies and interests. I have veganism, positive self-talk and body image, endurance sports and just plain hysterical banter.

What I love most about podcasts is that I feel like I am included in a conversation, but since I am usually huffing and puffing on a run, I don’t have to talk back. I can just listen, get into my brain and hear what the hosts are saying. I am linking up with Lake Shore Runner to give you my 5 Things Friday.

One more day till the weekend!


Our Hen House

This podcast is hosted by two hens, Jasmin and Mariann. They got married two years ago, three years after starting their own podcast. I am in complete love with these two because they are SO FUNNY! The podcast focuses on animal rights and veganism. Every show is split into segments including “rising anxieties”, “news” and one or two interviews. My favorite shows are with Ali Sieter when she reviews new cook books. It’s definitely worth a listen if you ever doubt that killing animals is wrong.


The Rich Roll Podcast

This was the first podcast I ever listened to. Rich Roll is an endurance athlete who changed his life through a plant based diet. I read his book Finding Ultra and began listening to the show. It was my first experience looking at the benefits of a plant based diet and how bad life is for animals. I can honestly say, he changed my life. Two years later, I am a plant based vegan and love my life!

skim2Β Β  podcasts4

Finding Our Hunger/Mind Body Musings

Kaila Prins from Finding Our Hunger and Maddy Moon from Mind Body Musings are two very special women. They have both struggled with body image and eating disorders in their past and now are sharing their story to help others. They also chronicle the journey toward body acceptance they are still on. I feel empowered after listening to these women. Definitely a great listen!


No Meat Athlete

Oh Matt. Oh Doug. You two kill me. One person referred to them as “two guys sitting at a bar drinking and talking about running” but there is so much more in store here. Matt is a lot like me in that he loves diet and lifestyle experiments. He will try something new for a period of time, and then take from that lifestyle the things that will make his life better and leave the rest. His experiments led him to veganism and to running 100 miles. What is cool about Matt is that he advocates small changes reaching towards a larger goal. I can totally getΒ behind that.


Marathon Training Academy

Angie and Trevor have the best camaraderie on the internet. The husband and wife duo own a coaching business helping runners achieve whatever they want. Over the evolution of the podcast, you see Trevor running his first marathon and Angie qualifying for Boston. They get real (Angie had miscarriage) but still keep it fun (Trevor interviews Angie after marathons). I look forward to each episode (most recent one is with Tina Muir!)

What is your favorite podcast?

Do you listen to music on long runs?



  1. Checking out no meat athlete right now… thanks for the suggestion!! I love listening to podcasts at work! I usually listen to music on long training runs, but for races I don’t turn on my iPod until I start hitting the wall. I think it’s a great way to pass time and plus, who doesn’t like listening to music!

    • I agree! No Meat Athlete is great because they both interview people and also are transparent about their own lives. Doug just won a 100 miler!

  2. I totally agree on NMA! TO me, its one of the best vegan/ plant based and fitness blogs out there. They don’t try to cram a certain way of training or eating down your throat. I just downloaded the Hen House one and will check it out today, thanks for the tip!

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