When I Feel Overwhelmed…

Sometimes things can just build up before they explode. Think about an over-use injury. You might not notice the slight pain until you hit that just right spot and almost poop your pants because of the uncomfort.

Yes. This did just happen to me! I’ve had my groin injury (almost healed!) since the beginning of May. Although I did not “do” anything specifically (I did not fall, I heard nothing snap) it came on gradually after my half marathon win. I should have taken more time off and not jumped right back into training. I underestimated how a fast race would shock my body.

This past week has been another one of those times. Changes at work, getting back into running after the layoff and moving have steadily built up.

The difference in these things, I could not really prevent them. The changes at work had to happen. Getting my running fitness back will happen, it just takes time and is mentally draining. I knew I was moving, and that it would take a good part of the month because of my work schedule.


I knew all these things and thought I was prepared for them.

Well, they have all started to build up and manifest themselves this week with tummy troubles, fatigue and tears.

Tummy Troubles: I have been unable to eat anything besides PB&J. This happens when I need to be comforted. I go back to something I know my stomach can always handle. It’s something I trust and can hold on to for nourishment. Just smelling other types of food has sent my stomach into a tailspin. I feel blessed to be able to eat anything at all, let alone my favorite food. A little light in the darkness.

Fatigue: I have been overly tired at work which causes me to go through the motions and dream of my bed. I have been able to hide it well because of my A-type personality, but that is draining as well. When I am tired, I forget to drink (bad bad bad) and have been dehydrated the past few days as well. My stomach troubles have translated into the bathroom, so all the fluid (and other stuff) that keeps coming out is not replaced. Last night this finally dawned on me and I drank about a gallon of Gatorade. GATORADE!

Tears: Everything building up put me on the edge of crying all day yesterday. It was really hard to get out of my headspace and have a good time. I did not cry, but was so close about four times. I hate tears when I cannot identify the reason. Of course, now I see why they would come, but talking to my coworker yesterday, I had no words to explain why I would be crying. She understood and let me do me and get out of it.


I felt better last night and was able to eat some other foods besides PB&J. I also believe the Gatorade helped a lot. This morning my tummy felt a bit better, but I still feel like I need to make sure my hydration is on point today. Things are still coming out the other end ya know?


In regard to moving, I have a bike ride, then lunch and then I’ll move some more stuff. I do have ALL MONTH even if I want to get in my house with my best friend already. I need to relax about this. Moving should be fun.

In regard to work, I may have more responsibilities coming up and this is good. It means I’ve proven myself and hopefully can help out more. I do not think this will mean more hours (thank God) because I already work all the time. I think it might mean more $$ which is fantastic. I just need to take it as it comes.

In regard to running, I am signed up for a race next weekend which I should be able to do if I go really slow. Please pray for me you guys that I swallow my pride and just enjoy the ride. Running is my love, I can do it slow.

What do you do when you feel overwhelmed?

Anyone else a crier?



  1. I’m sorry you’ve been overwhelmed with things. I’m in a similar position because I’ve got finals next week! And I used to cry really easily but I have made myself learn how to not do that.

    • I don’t like crying, but feel it’s necessary to express emotion for me. I don’t want to hold things in. Letting the devil out!

  2. Oh girl, I’ll be praying for you.Take it easy on yourself this week as much as you possibly can- skip a run if you need to, forego a couple loads of laundry, take some time to put your feet up if you can…(none of those may help you but sometimes help me feel better!) and I hope you feel better as soon as possible

  3. I am not a crier, but I tend to get really quiet. My family and boyfriend always know when I’m stressed because I become very introverted. A lot of my stress manifests in my GI issues as well. Which never makes for a pleasant time. I usually try to focus on the task at hand and do one thing that is strictly for me every day. I hope you feel better soon and have a great day : )

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