Lincoln Up #30 [The Best I’ve Read This Week]


Why Does Tess Holliday, The Size 22 Model, Make Us All Uncomfortable? :: What do you think? She is beautiful, but she is also morbidly obese. I think she’s great! We do not know the state of her health, so therefore we have no right to judge her body. Rock it girl!

5 Tiny Ways To Improve Your Life :: Number 2 all the way! Life like GAME OF THRONES and screw ’em!

Is America’s Obesity Crisis A Spiritual Problem? :: The spiritual side of the obesity crisis. Might it help us understand the reasons why?


A Response To Veganism As A Disordered Eating :: Ali Sieter from Chickpeas And Change discusses the reasons and problems of associating veganism with eating disorders. The message of vegans is compassion, the factions within our movement sometimes do more harm than good when it comes to mental health disorders.

How To Doctor Up A Can Of Beans! :: I love a good can of beans. This recipe guide shows how to doctor them up to suit any palette! (I still love beans and cheese the most though πŸ™‚


How To Decide When To Skip A RaceΒ :: Sometimes the smartest decision a runner can make is to pull out of a race when they are injured.

The Myth Of Perfect ConditionsΒ :: Just get out and do it! Moving the body in anyway is better than not at all.

Former Team Members Accuse Salazar Of Drug DopingΒ :: I am glad Goucher spoke up about this issue so it can be investigated. If Salazaar is innocent, there should be no issue.


The Same Body Shot At Different Angles Challenges What’s Perfect :: The photos in this article really work to exemplify how different bodies look at different angles. It is a reminder of how media makes stars look amazing and not to compare ourselves to photoshop.

10 Health Things To Avoid In Your 20sΒ :: The only “free” food you should consume is CRUELTY FREE!

There Is Enough Time In Your Life :: We all suffer from “hurried sickness” trying to conserve time and shave off seconds here and there for the unknown benefit it brings. By taking things slower, letting go of control and letting things just play out, we can reduce anxiety and enjoy the beautiful moments in our everyday life.

Fat Is Not a Four Letter Word :: “The size of my body, I realized, should not in any way diminish my rights as an American citizen. I should have the same access to accommodations, employment, equal pay, parental rights and health care. But I don’t. My rights are being eroded and it’s all happening in the name of my well-being”

Going Organic For 30 DaysΒ :: Going organic does not mean sacrificing your favorite foods, but often your diet will clean up automatically because of this change. This story is pretty awesome!


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