The Strong Hearts Café [Meatless Monday Review]

If you do not have a dietary restriction or allergy, often times going to restaurants is very simple. You know you will be able to eat anything on the menu without too many modifications.

Being a vegan has been a pretty easy transition because I a relatively flexible. I do not identify with a certain faction inside the movement because I am an ethical vegan. I believe there are ways to be completely healthy on a vegan diet, but I also agree that sometimes a heck of a lot of sugar puts life into living.

Back to restaurants, before this past Saturday, I had never been to a restaurant where I could eat ANYTHING on the menu. I did not have to read the ingredient labels or as “can I have a dairy-free cheese?”…”oh you don’t have it? Then no cheese please…but EXTRA ketchup!!”


The Strong Hearts Vegan Café is located in Syracuse NY. I recently heard the founder on an episode of Our Hen House discussing their recent Ragnar Relay Team finish in Cape Cod. I was intrigued because I have wanted to do this type of relay for some time, and when I found out that the café who sponsored the team was in Syracuse (about an hour and a half away), I knew I wanted to go. Luckily, my friend T lives in Syracuse and we had planned to meet up that day. It was just fate that we ended up at Strong Hearts.


When you walk in, there is a huge menu and only a few tables. I think we got lucky when we went because there was a HUGE event called Taste Of Syracuse going on downtown, so many people were there. It was also a weekend night, and cafes are usually slower on the nights and busy during the day.


Even though my stomach had been off for a couple days, I knew I wanted to try something other than PB&J. (Although they do have two PB&J options in case I was still have tummy troubles.) Besides the food menu, there is also a HUGE milkshake menu! ALL VEGAN MILKSHAKES! I was in HEAVEN!


I ended up getting the “egg” breakfast sandwich with avocado. A tofu “egg” patty with two types of vegan cheese, a sausage patty and avocado on an English muffin. It was amazing! I love sausage and cheese breakfast sandwiches but the addition of the tofu egg patty was a nice touch. Two types of cheese and avocado put this sandwich over the top!


My friend got the mushroom burger melt. A mushroom veggie patty with veggies and melted cheese on a toasted bun. He could not believe everything was vegan. He was really satisfied with his meal.


Dinner would not have been complete without trying a milkshake. We decided to split a butterfinger shake. I have not had a butterfinger in a couple years, and I regret that decision. It was SO GOOD! The creaminess and taste of peanut butter really hit the spot.


We will be back!

Although this isn’t a recipe, but a review, you should still go over to Tina’s Blog to check out Meatless Monday!


Have you ever been to an all vegan restaurant?

If you have a food allergy, how do you deal with menus?



  1. Awww love this Ellie, and that burger looks fantastic! Looks like Strong Hearts is an awesome place to go!! I guess I do take it for granted that I can eat most things on a menu, and I only realized it when I went with a vegan friend out to eat, but I think things are moving in the right direction……kind of haha. Thanks for sharing with us, sounds like a great place 🙂

    • I hope if you ever do any Syracuse or Rochester marathons you remember it and stop there! NY is becoming very veg friendly!

  2. I love finding Vegan/Vegetarian specific restaurants. Candle 79 is a vegan restaurant in the UES in NYC and I absolutely love it. Although I’m not a vegan, I am a vegetarian with many dietary restrictions and it is so nice to be somewhere where I can have a choice of meals – not just salads.

    • I agree! I think salads are ok…but I don’t really eat them, so it’s nice to find a place with hearty food!

  3. I love Strong Hearts!.. I live in Syracuse and have been there many times, but it’s been a little while since I’ve been in! Your post has made me crave one of their milkshakes! 😀

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