The transitions of my blog

I find the statement, “You cannot judge a book by it’s cover” pretty accurate.


Ok, in regard to looks that is a lie, because the cover is usually what draws me into the book. If it ends up being great (usually) my beliefs that judging books by their cover is affirmed.


Bloggers swing both ways. I read many different blogs of all different genres. I love everyday lifestyle blogs, vegan advocacy blogs, running blogs, recipe blogs, news forums and everything in between. The funny thing is, the vegan advocacy blogs can sometimes look very similar to a lifestyle blog. A news blog can look very similar to a comical blog (like The Onion). You really cannot judge a book by it’s cover here.


I thought about my blog, Ellie Slices Bagels. As many readers know, I work at a bagel shop so that is the point of the name. In the beginning of the blog, I used to do random “tips” posts about how I am successful in my life. These were not great posts, either to write or read. I then had a series of posts explaining kinetics which only served the purpose to help me study for a huge test (I got a B!) I then focused on vegan advocacy for a while when I first went into that lifestyle. This happens to every vegan when they find out the horrors in the animal ag and life industries.


After a few months on that soap box, I still am a vegan advocate, but I do it differently. I post about running, what I eat and the way I live rather than what other people should do. The fact is, we all are AWESOME people who live in AWESOME ways. There is no one right way. Getting deeper into my veganism, the forums I read can be so black and white. The plant-power movement sometimes pushes too much in the health realm and not enough in the “save the animals” space. The only ethical vegans are sometimes too extreme for my taste. The healthy lifestyle bloggers preach balance, but I’ve found it’s when I am unbalanced that I grow the most.


I don’t really have a point to this post except to look back and see where I’ve come from to determine where I am going.

What is Ellie Slices Bagels? It is and will always be a blog about my life. I hope you continue to enjoy and follow me on this path πŸ™‚


How has your blog evolved?



  1. I think it’s great to look back and reflect on the progression of your blog. I’m not sure where mine is going, but I do see how a blog can change reflecting our personal life. I really love your blog and can’t wait to see where it goes! : )

    • Thanks Jamie! I’m happy with whatever direction the content flows. It’s my life, so I’ll do what I want [I think that’s a song]

  2. I discovered you pretty recently and I am very glad I did! I like the diversity of your blog, the non-preachy approach to veganism (I have struggled with an eating disorder so I am not comfortable excluding any foods from my diet but I enjoy plenty of plant foods,) daily life “stuff”, podcast shout-outs, etc. You are doing a terrific job!

  3. Despite the fact that I think my blog name is cornier than a box of chex mix, I do appreciate that it’s a universal name for just about anything. Which is exactly like my blog. Anything goes. My blog started as a daily entry of what I ate and what I did, and that quickly changed to a bit more substance and now I blog about adventures!

    • You you’re right Gigi! I love seeing how people change as they grow from teenagers to college students to adults. It’s fun!

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