Hey ya’ll! It’s Thursday again so head over to Amanda’s blog (after you finish mine of course) to see what everyone else is thinking about today!


Yesterday was a BIG MOVE day and so I was unsuccessful in posting my WIAW pictures. As always, thanks to Jenn for hosting the party!


These pictures speak for themselves πŸ™‚




Considering I did move yesterday, let’s squawk about that shall we? It was a great (tiring) day. I managed to move almost all my stuff and get settled in my new place. And guys, it is HUGE! I feel like I live in a castle! Now, Gennie and I need to find out where to put things…but that will happen as it comes. We’re both relatively flexible.

I moved a lot of things by myself for the first part of the day and then my best gal pal from work, Casey helped me move the bigger stuff. She is amazing and super funny! I can not think of another person I would want to help me move.


[Check out m new shirt yo!]

After we got all the stuff inside the apartment, she wanted to go shower before meeting Gen and I for dinner, so I started to put things away in my room. My goal was to make my bed and set up my computer…and then nap. For motivation, I put on an episode of Pretty Little Liars (OMG IN LOVE!) and got to work. I made my bed (new sheets holla!) and even hung up jeans and found places for things. I still need a couple things, but our place is coming along. It has a lot of character!

After that episode, I napped and then met a Casey and Gennie for dinner at Viva. Nothing ends a hard day of moving like burritos. I didn’t drink though because I hadn’t eaten and was really hungry and knew that would give me a huge tummy ache.


[First nap with Sterling]

Speaking of Pretty Little Liars, it is my new biking at the gym show. I honestly love Netflix. My queue of “stuff youΒ might like” has been fantastic. I am only like 5 episodes in, but I really like it. People have told me the show never ends. Like it is season 5 or something and you still do not know who “A” is. Oh well, it’s working for me now.

A bit of bad in my day yesterday affected my indirectly. My sister texted me last night saying my dad and brother got in a huge fight. Apparently my dad made a comment about how my brother and his girlfriend shouldn’t move in together (yes they should! Or at least my older bro should move out) and she (the girlfriend) flipped and left, then my brother started to fight my dad before storming out himself. My dad told him not to come back.

Ouch. I called my mom to make sure she was ok. She was, and was trying to think of it as a stepping stone to get Colter out of the house. I can only pray things are better today.

Anyone moving soon?

PLL fan or no?



  1. I cannot get into PLL. I don’t see the draw… I know I’m odd man out on that one haha. Looks like you had a delicious day of eat Wednesday! And I have no plans of moving any time soon… it is a BEAR. And I have far too much stuff.

    • I hope the conflict is a stepping stone. A good thing about moving out, I don’t feel as connected to it so I am unable to internalize it. That is such a big step in my adulthood.

  2. What a delicious day!
    I’m sorry that your family life has been kind of stressful. I’m sure it will blow over and settle out (:
    I can never seem to get into PLL! I watched the first 2 seasons but then I just kind of felt like it was getting very repetitive and dragged on.

    • That’s what my friend said about PLL! He said after like 5 seasons you still don’t know who A is. That will get frustrating. Do you like any other shows?

      • Yes! I feel like they just keep changing A around just to keep the show going haha.
        I’ve been enjoying blackish a lot! Modern Family is always a favorite of mine (: I also enjoy this reality show called Rich Kids of Beverly Hills. Haha it’s… stereotypical reality tv but sometimes it’s a nice show to watch!

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