5 Things Friday

Today is a GREAT day! I am so thankful for everything in my life, even the things that stress me out. I am thankful for stress because it makes me appreciate days like today when I feel amazing. I’m linking up with Clare for 5 things Friday: The 5 Things I’m Grateful For Today.


1.) Running for two hours this morning


OH MAN IT FEELS GREAT TO BE ABLE TO SAY THAT! The weather was perfect, I went really slow and listened to some High School Musical. The run was eventful, as I really had to go to the bathroom halfway through, so I stopped at a random house to do so. I saw muddy running shoes outside so I knew I was in good company. The guy and his wife let me use the bathroom and then when I came out, it was pouring so the guy offered to drive me down to Cornell. I accepted and rode with him for a mile until it stopped raining and I kept going. I think I got about 14 miles in, so I am now confident about Sunday (keep those fingers crossed)!



Just look at my post run breakfast! I am LOVING all things fruit these days. Last night T and I had a picnic and I bought like three pounds of fruit. I thought we would have extra…we didn’t. The picnic was awesome. I brought pita bread and then three dips (hummus, eggplant and marinara sauce) which we split. The highlight was the fruit. It just tastes so good this time of year!

3.) Later shifts so I can relax a bit after my run before I go to work

I also don’t have to work until 11:00AM today so I can shower and relax before I head in. It’s nice to be able to run long during the week without worrying about getting to work on time. I can also BLOG! πŸ™‚

4.) Hilarious memes sent to my by my coworkers





Please just laugh (oh wait, you probably won’t get it…)

5.) Talking on the phone with my sister

The past two nights my sister and I have talked on the phone just to catch up. It’s really nice just to have this relationship. I feel as though we are equals. I do not have to be her role model and she is no longer the bratty sister. It’s been a long time coming.

What are you grateful for?



  1. So grateful for the weekend, time to relax, and super supportive friends, family, and coworkers! I couldn’t ask for anything more! Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

    • I feel so much more refreshed! Today I hit the wall at like 2PM…that was rough, but then it’s time for a chocolate pick me up

  2. Oh gosh if only I could run for even 30 minutes haha! I’m also loving the fresh fruit season, can’t get enough of it! I’m so grateful for my host family here in France to be honest, they have really made my life change for the better πŸ™‚

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