Lincoln Up #31 [The Best I’ve Read This Week]

Good Morning and welcome to Lincoln Up! Last weeks post had no pictures on intro…that was my bad! I was super busy last weekend and forgot to edit the post and finalize the details. This week is different! It is currently Saturday night and I just got home from work. I am eating dinner and thanking God I can finally sit. My boss decided to tell us to clear out the whole open case before we left because it was not up to temperature. When you’re supposed to be able to go home in 5 minutes, life starts to get bleak. Oh well, we finished and now here I sit.

Lincoln Up

This weeks links are fabulous! Check out the post about being fat by choice. It will really make you think. Also, is Miley Cyrus going vegan good for the movement? I don’t really take her seriously, so I wonder if critics will see veganism in the same way. You decide!

Have a great day!



Weird Ingredients I Use Now That I’m Vegan :: I’m so glad these ingredients are becoming mainstream! Thes things need to replaces Crisco, lard and all the other fake convenience foods that came out of the mid century. We don’t need them anymore!

Miley Cyrus Goes Vegan On The Mainstream :: Maybe a vegan diet will bring back Hannah Montana. That is the best activism I can think of.



10 Things You’ll Never Hear An Injured Runner Say :: Yes to #6!!!! Number 11.) I love seeing all the beautiful running photos on Instagram that I cannot go on!

5 Signs You’re On a Runcation :: All my future vactions will be runcations. I cannot justify a trip to a race without taking advantage of the time off from work and the sight seeing.



Nutrition Advice That Drives Me Nuts :: Another lame piece of advice: You need more protein!

On Perfectionism: Dealing With Fucking Up :: “Even though I’ve already “fucked up” my body by getting my nose pierced, having ankle surgery, losing my virginity and having sex, gaining weight. I’ve “fucked up,” and lost the recognition for being skinny, and strong, and fit, and immaculate, and unscarred. And those were the best fuck ups I’ve ever had.”

Fat By Choice? :: I ask honestly, what would you choose?

If The Exercise Options At My Gym Were Honest :: A new blog I discovered this week and continue to read. This is why I run people, so I don’t look like this.



  1. I was just thinking last night what happened to Miley Cyrus, then I read your blog! haha. I also like your runcation link. I am going to St. Thomas in August and have been looking for a race, looks like I’ll be blazing my own trail down there, could find any races, only overpriced running tours.

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