WIAW [June 17, 2015]

I really love my days off. There is no schedule I specifically have to adhere to…which is great because things never go the way I think they might. Yesterday for example, my run went longer (slower) than usual, so instead of breakfast and lunch, I went for brunch. In the middle of the afternoon, I had a larger snack (usually I just snack on things at work) and had a bigger dinner. I did get called into work a couple hours which sucked…but money is better than no money.

Time for WIAW, thanks to Jenn for the party!


Post Run [BRUNCH]


A hummus sandwich on hand-sliced (key) multigrain bread. Yogurt, raspberries and granola on the side.

Mid-afternoon [SNACK]


Watermelon andΒ a Nak’d Vegan pecan pie bar. I just ordered these in the mail after reading a review by Tina Muir. What intrigued me was the rhubarb custard flavor (my favorite) because no one else seems to know what rhubarb is! This was a great purchase! I got a sampler pack for $10!!

Post work [DINNER]


More hummus on hand sliced multigrain bread, potato scallion bread dipped in tomato sauce and some broccoli on the side. My favorite combo for hummus is BBQ sauce, so of course I drizzled that on top. Messy and delicious!



Yonanas, cinnamon raisin bread with almond/cookie butter and a handful of cereal. Gotta end the night right!

What is your favorite thing to pair with hummus?



  1. Intersting… I will have to try hummus and BBQ sauce!! Your snack looks delicious too : ) I love edamame hummus… I eat it plain with a spoon sometimes ! Haha.

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