Running, cat stories and FOOD!

Who doesn’t love the feeling of eating breakfast after a great run? I just finished my full long run route in a really long time. I love this route. It’s so pretty, familiar and has an Ithaca feel. I never take my phone when running, so I cannot provide any pictures. I guess if you are curious, come out next year for the Gorges Half marathon and see what I’m talking about (shameless FLRTC plug)


Speaking of breakfast, I was craving two things: juicy fruit and peanut butter. Those two things don’t necessarily taste good together, but side by side, I am in heaven. I had about 4T left in an almond butter jar, added a banana and some almond milk for a impromptu breakfast bowl (we still don’t have a microwave, but I like post-run stuff cold). Then with that, I grabbed some fresh pineapple from the grocery store on Tuesday, so that’s going in the belly too. YUM!


This is Sterling.


He is my best friend’s cat, and so since we live together, he is now mine too. Being a cat mommy for the past week has been both fun and annoying at times. Sterling loves anything that crinkles, falls over or is shiny. He likes to knock over our recycling, my trash bin in my room, eat the slats on my blinds and scare our other cat Sebastian off my bed.

He is also ADORABLE in the way he sits on my bed in front of the fan and hides behind my blinds before running off to get into trouble. I also love napping with him. He is so cute!


I am LOVING the weather here. On my day off Tuesday, I was all set up to sit outside, eat watermelon and read a magazine while tanning…I then got called into work so that didn’t happen. The idea was great though πŸ™‚


I just received an order of Nak’d bars. They are smaller granola/energy bars in every favor imaginable. I was suggested this brand by Tina Muir (check out her blog) and got a sampler pack for $10. There were 18 bars in the package so I think I got a good deal. They are smaller in size, so a snack is a good use for them. So far I’ve had the rhubarb custard (LOVE) and the pecan pie. I highly recommend them!


Share a cat/animal story!

Favorite post-run breakfast?



  1. I always crave almond butter. Or cashew butter. Or any nut butter really. Favorite post run breakfast = protein smoothie with almond butter, banana and espresso. So delicious.

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