Five Things Friday [My five favorite breakfasts]

Who doesn’t love breakfast? It’s the first meal of the day and sets you up for a happy tummy till lunch. I think it’s funny that as I get older, my breakfasts get more and more simple. I used to love fancy breakfasts, but now I am fine with a piece of bread and a thick slab of PB. I guess I’ve found what works for me. Today I’m linking up with Clare for 5 Things Friday!


1.) Two bananas (or toast) with nut butter and fruit



This is my most frequent breakfast. I really love a thick piece of cinnamon bread with a slab of any nut butter I find in the cupboard. Depending on the season or what I have, I don’t always have fruit, but have almond milk (vanilla always). This is the breakfast I find keeps me full and happy πŸ™‚

2.) Cereal with berries


When Spring starts coming, I CRAVE berries like no other. They just taste so much better when they are in season. My favorite cereal at the moment is Ezekiel 4:9 vanilla almond. It is like Grape Nuts but so much better!

3.) Pb&J and banana wrap


Before switching to toast, I made this everyday. When I did my MayNoSandwichChallenge, I had to cut these out of my breakfast routine. Before this challenge, they were an every morning type of deal. They are quick, satisfying and easy to prepare. I also LOVE raspberry jalapeno jam which makes the wrap 100%better.

4.) Veggie sausage and cream cheese breakfast sandwich


These sandwiches are usually made on Saturday when I take myself to Wegmans for coffee. I bring my own breakfast and buy coffee and sit in their cafΓ© before I do my shopping. Why don’t I get breakfast there you may ask? Well, my first answer would be that it’s expensive. However, a more truthful answer would be that I like packing my brunch. It’s kind of fun and I get really creative. This picture also explains my love for cinnamon bread ❀

5.) Overnight Oats


I know everyone loves their oatmeal, but this is honestly my least frequent breakfast. I might make it once a month. I do like oatmeal and would have it more if I were in a dining hall college situation, but I don’t care to make it for me. Usually when I am ready for breakfast, I am READY and do not want to wait. I do get fancy some days and make it the night before. I did that for a few days in the winter and enjoyed it. However, I am a peanut butter and jelly on bread girl at heart so I went back to that.

What is your favorite breakfast?



  1. Favorite breakfast = smoothies/acai bowls, or I love love love oatmeal with nut butter. Absolutely delicious : ) Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

  2. Oh my goodness, I’m drooling!!! Your breakfast sandwich looks amazing and now I’m craving nut butter (but when am I not?). I love a bagel and cottage cheese, oatmeal with PB, or an egg (sorry not vegan πŸ™‚ ) sandwich.

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