Lincoln Up #32 [The Best I’ve Read This Week]

Lincoln Up

Welcome to Lincoln Up! I had a very good week of links. The U.S. banned transfats, I learned some great ways to induce behavior change and I learned it would be really fun to be a Disney character. Today is Father’s Day and so I gave my dad some delicious vegan mac and cheese from a food truck. If that doesn’t say love, I don’t know what does. Make sure to appreciate someone, it does not have to be your dad, but tell someone how much they mean to you today. You never know when it may be the last time you see them.

Happy Sunday!



Want To Stop Dieting? Put Down The Nutrition Facts! :: ” I’d argue that being a student of health is making you less healthy than you think.”

Body Image Of Asian Americans :: The pressure to be thin balanced with the cultural norm of eating as appreciation and love. It’s hard to be an Asian woman.

Doable Ways For Habit Change :: Matt always has great tips on habut change. I am all for the “slow and steady approach”. When I went vegan, I first transitioned by doing the “only vegan at home” and still indulged when I was out. It made the change easier to make and stick with.

The Food Babe Claims There’s Beaver Ass In Your Food :: I respect what Vani Hari is doing, but this author puts things into perspective. All chemicals are found in nature and can be disguised as something more harmful than they are. I am all for labelling GMOs, but cloaking additives with scare tactics is as untruthful as the former.



It’s Ok To Be Lightweight :: I find this article very comforting. I lift lighter weights, but still feel like I’m getting a workout. Good to know I am!

5 Stages Of Running Grief :: My long runs all feel like this at some point. I bargain with myself during some miles, contemplate why I put myself through this, and by the end, I feel victorious and great. It’s all a process.

Do I Really Need A Rest Day? :: There is no one-size-fits-all for training. You do you.



Why Rachel Dolezal’s Fake ‘Transracial’ Identity Is Nothing Like Being Transgender :: Gender is a social construct, race is not.

The U.S. Has Officially Banned Transfats :: It’s good to see we are now not allowed to buy or consume poison. Good job U.S.

Landfill Of Lettuce :: The supply chain is set up to waste so much. As consumers, we need to be smart about our food waste. Just eat the food before it goes bad!

15 Secrets Of Disney Park Characters :: No lie, I’ve always wanted to be a Disney “face” character. I could be fun for like a day. Then I’d want to ride rides and sleep in Cinderella’s castle.


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