5 Things I’ve Learned From My Dad

Yesterday was Father’s Day. I spent Saturday afternoon hanging out with my dad. He is a really nice guy. He still drives me nuts, but at least now I can laugh at it and humor him. I have learned many things from the first guy I ever met. He is great at running his business, hardworking and loving to a fault. Although he may not think he taught me all these things, watching him has given me the wisdom of how I do and do not want to live my life.

1.) Sweat Everyday

My dad is a farmer, so naturally he is pretty active. He’s also a bigger guy and loves to eat. Even during the winter, he likes to go on walks outside and get a sweat on. This is something I have incorporated into my life as well. I like to day “A day without sweat is a day to regret.”


june112 face4

2.) Be Frugal

When we were kids, my family never ate anywhere unless there was either a dollar menu or my mom had coupons. My dad has gotten successful enough that they not longer do that, however, I still do. I am comfortable with money, but I also still always buy clearance, eat at home or bring my own food when travelling and would use coupons if they were applicable for what I buy (they aren’t, most coupons are for packaged snacks suitable for school lunches).

3.) It’s Ok To Taste Things In Small Bites

This is something my mom always gives my dad crap for and I used to too…until I realized that every other person in the universe does this. It’s called “mostly intuitive but always has room.” If my dad wants a bite of pie after a meal and not a whole slice, he has that. If he wants a sip of pop and not the whole thing, that’s what he has too. I used to think that if I took something, I had to eat the whole thing then…but that is not the case. If I want a bite of cake now and the rest later, that’s fine. There is no shame in saving some for later.


4.) Read Everyday

I started reading in first grade and never looked back. During my school years, my dad encouraged my love of reading (ok, he did not let me read Harry Potter for the longest time). He also is an avid reader (so he reads books by people from Fox News…it’s still reading) and he’s super intelligent for it. We both share a love for John Grisham books and often are reading the same one without knowing it. I’m glad we can just sit in a room together and appreciate reading together.


5.) Everything Tastes Better With Peanut Butter

Ok dad, you are right on this, everything does taste a bit better with a slab of nut butter on it. And yes, I do eat it straight out of the jar when a craving hits. Thank you for the habit πŸ™‚

june181 june36 june31 rasp2

What things have you learned from your dad?


One comment

  1. Haha this is great! Our dads sound pretty similar, minus the “it’s okay to taste things in small bites” (since he was raised to eat EVERYTHING on his plate). I love the small bite idea, though! And everything truly does taste better with peanut butter (minus meat πŸ˜‰ )

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