Running Up A Ski Mountain…again?

Whoa it’s Thursday already?! It’s also almost July…as in the second month of summer is almost here. Today also happens to be June 25th, my sister’s birthday and 6 months till Christmas. That was a lot of knowledge for 9:18AM. Good thing it’s time to THINK OUT LOUD. Thanks to Amanda for hosting!

1.) This morning I ran 9 slow miles. After taking yesterday off, I wanted to make this run easy. My hip did not bother me during the run (it was on a treadmill to make sure I didn’t have any problems with nature) and I am feeling more confident. I hate it when my hip is good for so long and then randomly acts up. Again I must adjust my expectations because fast is just not an option right now ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


2.) Something that I will always be up for is spending time with T. We went hiking yesterday at Hope Lake (also Greak Peak ski mountain) and it was beautiful. The elevation is really steep so neither going up or down is ideal. I am signed up to run a half marathon on that course in August, God help me! All I have going for me is that I’ve done it before.


3.) T did the Syracuse Ironman this past Sunday and CRUSHED IT! He PRed by 26 minutes even though his nutrition got messed up on the bike. Our hike was all about triathlon. We laughed bout how neurotic triathletes are. Apparently the medals for the Syracuse race had a Rochester logo. You can’t really tell unless you look really hard, but of course people are up in arms. It sucks, but hey man, youย finished an Ironman, no matter what the medal looks like, you are legit!


4.) I go back to work today and hope the drama I left on Tuesday is gone. My one coworkers is just so hung up over a girl and she is making both him and us miserable. It’s just so catty. I cannot believe we all used to respect her. I think that any girl who holds onto a guy and bashes his friends is not someone I want to be around. I hope he realizes that soon too.


5.) Tonight I only work until 7! I love eating dinner at home while relaxed which does not happen when I am working the closing shift at work. I end up eating dinner at like 3PM and then go back to the stress ball of CTB. The next three days should be a nice change ๐Ÿ™‚

That’s all that’s on my mind today.

Tell me:

Do you have work drama?

What is the last book you read?



  1. There’s seriously nothing worse than work drama… which is another reason I’m super thankful that I work from home and don’t have to deal with all that nonsense… especially when I can’t figure out what people are getting so caught up about half of the time. Fingers crossed that the drama is done with!

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