Five Things Friday [Fifteen miles by 9AM]


I love to run. Even though my hip gives me some soreness while I’m out there, I am overall very thankful that this is my sport of choice. When I have been sidelined from running, I tried other things, none of which were as satisfying as running. Last winter I lifted weights. It was fun for a while, but I honestly hate having sore muscles. I tried Zumba once, but it wasn’t exactly what I thought it would be. I do yoga every once in a while, but that it largely because I know it’s good for running.


This morning I ran a long run on my favorite route. I like this route because it has rolling hills, keeps me engaged but also has long stretches where I need to focus and train my mind. A cool 60 degrees when I started made for a good workout. I recently started using Strava to map my runs and gage my effort level with pace. I also like the community. Some of my teammates are on there and we give each other kudos for our runs. All about that running community!


This morning I listened to the Rich Roll podcast with Darin Olien, a super foods expert. Darin is one of the makers of Shakeology and is also known as the Indiana Jones of supplements and superfoods. He goes to the source, the small villages, the medicine men and others to get the foods he mixes into the products he develops. His backstory is quite remarkable and I learned a lot. One thing that stuck out to me were his 5 Forces that will make you healthy. His book just came out, and if you don’t have the funds to buy it, at least listen to the podcast to hear what the forces are.


The 5 Things Friday I want to introduce today are those 5 Forces.

1.) Quality Nutrition

2.) Hydration

3.) Detoxification

4.) Alkalization

5.) Oxygenation


All of these are equally important and to not bore anyone to go into each one, I am going to start working on one of these today. I need to drink more water. I always assumed that my body would balance out with the food/water I drink and I am getting enough overall. However, Darin made the point that little things over time will add up and being chronically dehydrated will come to get me years down the road. I never thought of water like that. It really hit home, because it’s something easy I can fix. I don’t eat too badly, I don’t smoke or drink, but water is something I struggle with. I am recommitting to my relationship with the nectar of life.

Conveniently, it is also the cheapest thing 😉

What of the 5 Forces would you work on? 



  1. I really need to work on hydrations. I know I do not drink nearly enough water throughout the day… I also think that there’s always room for improvement on the nutrition front : ) Hope you have a great day!

  2. It’s crazy that something as simple as just drinking water could have such a big impact on our health! I generally do pretty well but I definitely hate having to pee constantly. It sounds like it’s worth it, though!

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