Lincoln Up #33 [The Best I’ve Read This Week]

Lincoln Up

Good morning and welcome to Lincoln Up! This is the first Sunday I’ve had off in…EVER! Usually even if I am racing in the AM, I go in for a few hours at night. I think it’s due to the volunteering I thought I would be doing at the Whiteface Sky Marathon…until I realized it was 5 hours away and not possible. Good luck to all runners killing it in that race and in the Western States 100. Check out the video I posted under the running section about the race. It looks so hard, but there is some part of me that really wants to do it…someday.

It was my sister’s birthday on Thursday and also only 6 months until Christmas. To be honest, I can totally wait for that! Although we’ve had some rainy days lately, I still could live in summer weather all year round.

Enjoy these links, enjoy your Sunday!




Parent’s Denial Fuels Childhood Obesity :: “Oblivobesity” is the new term to describe parents who do not address their children’s weight. Is this a new health crisis? How can we address such a sensitive topic at such a young age? Should proper nutrition training for new parents be mandatory and covered in health care?

What I’ve Learned Through My Daughter’s Drawings :: I found this article on Father’s Day and it warmed my heart. Instead of getting sad or angry at his daughter’s drawing, he found it humorous and also looked inside to see how he could be a better father. Sometimes it takes a four year old’s perspective to inspire the change we’re looking for.

The Best And Worst Countries For Total Wellbeing :: When planning a vacation, I will consult this list. No Middle East adventures for me.

Awesome Photo Combos That Are Way Better Than Photoshop :: This is so cool! Put a little marvel in your day.

19 Things People Who Stay In On A Friday Night Understand :: NUMBER 6!!!



The Lifecycle of Cold-Pressed Juice [Infographic] :: I’ve never had a cold pressed juice because my wallet does not prefer them to water or coffee. This inforgraphic is kind of handy though and now I understand the $$

How A Flatter Butt Gave Me The Beach Body I Always Wanted :: Family vacations can be rough, especially when the last time you went you were toned and restrictive. This is an honest look at the new exciting opportunities that await a family vacation not held down by the stress of body and eating perfection.



What If Animals Treated Us The Way We Treated Them? :: This is what I see whenever someone asks me why I don’t eat animal products. I cannot get these images out of my mind.

The Vegan RD Puts Age, Beauty And Veganism Into Perspective :: There’s nothing wrong with aging gracefully, or looking older than you are. The most important point is how you live.

Ben & Jerry’s To Introduce New Vegan Ice Cream Flavor :: PRAISE JESUS! This cannot come soon enough!

Why A Carnivore Head Chef Went Vegan :: This non-vegan chef is embracing the plant-based possibiliites. It’s really cool to see this exposure from someone who is not in the vegan community.



A Runner’s Eye View Of The Western States 100 Endurance Run :: A dream race, for another time. Honestly, this looks brutal, but like a train wreck, I cannot look away.

Strengthen Your Hips To Fight Knee Pain :: This is so important for me because of my groin injury. My hips greatly suffered and now these exercises are helping me strengthen my lower body and giving me less pain.


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