Meatless Monday [Peanut butter banana pie]

Yes. All of these ingredients are a yes.

I eat an unGodly amount of peanut butter. And bananas for that matter. Pie though, I’m not always so keen on. My mother is an amazing pie maker, and I could never live up to that. She makes her own crust and fills it with a fruity sugar bomb that everyone in the small community I come from loves.

Honestly, I’m a peanut butter and chocolate person. I got enough pie. It’s good, but I can make it better to suit my preferences.

Hence the inspiration for this pie.

My friend did the Syracuse Ironman last weekend and PRed by 26 minutes! I felt he deserved some kind of culinary award. He also loves peanut butter almost as much as I do (no one could love it that much). It just seemed fitting to make him something with that as the star ingredient.

With moving, I don’t have too many ingredients on hand. I always though have bananas (another diet staple #typicalvegan) Bananas provide the sweet and creamy, peanut butter provides the mouth feel and and the chocolate on top takes this pie to a whole different level. With only a few ingredients, you will have a hard time not making this every time you get that craving.


Peanut Butter Banana Pie

1 chocolate pie crust

2 c mashed bananas

1 c crunchy peanut butter

2 t vanilla

3 T coconut oil

Various chocolate for topping

Combine the mashed bananas, peanut butter, vanilla and oil together in a bowl and stir to combine. The texture should be smooth. Pour into the prepared pie crust. Decorate with chocolate. Refridgerate until set (2-3 hours)

Try not to eat the whole thing in one sitting (Tom ate it for breakfast the next day…)

This recipe and tons of others can be found on Tina’s blog today for Meatless Mondays.


What is your favorite nut butter?

What is the simplest dessert recipe you’ve ever made?



  1. HECK YEAH all those ingredients are a YES! I would YES to any of those anytime…..okay, except before a race or workout…..the pie part may not go down so well, but this does sound amazing Ellie, thanks for sharing it with us πŸ˜€

  2. YES YES YES. I love peanut butter. And bananas. And chocolate. So this is pretty much the best. And so easy and not too unhealthy unless you eat the whole thing. Honestly i might have to make it, slice it, and freeze some of the slices (which will be buried in the freezer so I don’t eat those all at once!).

  3. Yum! You are a very sweet (pun intended) friend. I, too would much rather have bananas and peanut butter than pie, or any other pastry for that matter. Almond butter is my personal favorite but all of the nut butter varieties I have tried are delicious.

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