The Yoga Cat

As most of my recent posts indicate, I moved a couple weeks ago. I moved in with my best friend and acquired her two cats.

One of them, Sterling, is a ball of energy. He is just over a year old and always keeps me on my toes. When I wake up, he is immediately at my legs giving me tons of love. When I go to the bathroom of shower, if I do not shut the door hard enough, he likes to be in there helping me.


He loves to camp out in the bathroom sink, especially when I am trying to brush my teeth. Sometimes, when I cannot walk forward because he is in my way and I trip, I want to murder him.

However, he gets so excited to see me every morning he sometimes throws up. You cannot buy love like that πŸ™‚

Sterling’s most recent favorite activity is helping me do yoga.


Due to work obligations, I have been unable to attend my weekly yoga session for a couple months. I really did see the benefit in going, so I was kind of bummed about missing it. I had also continued my 3 minute plank challenge (from April!!!) through May and June. Since I already got out my yoga mat, I figured I might as well incorporate some yoga when I could.


Sterling likes to be the center of my attention. When I did my planking at night, he would lie right between my arms and so I would be breathing in his fur for three minutes. Now that I am doing yoga, he likes to do the poses with me. His favorite is the gravity stretch (I call it the downward cat.

It would be annoying if it weren’t so stinking cute ❀

Do your animals help you with any tasks or activities?

Share a pet story!



  1. I love kitties!!! We have two, Eek and Azrael, along with our pooch, Max. The three of them are best buds. Sterling is a gorgeous cat! What is it with kitties and sinks? For animals who supposedly hate water, they like to hang out in a pretty wet place πŸ™‚

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