Mind Musings—Out Loud

Thursdays are the best…especially when it’s your day off! Time to squawk OUT LOUD!

Another week where I was too busy to post my WIAW. I had plans to post yesterday, but my boss called me into work earlier than I would have liked, so things got pushed to the back burner. Whomp.

Well, here is BLDS from this past Tuesday.

3 4 5


I am really loving a new combo for both breakfast and sometimes my nightly snack. I mash an over ripe banana, mix in a scoop of Vega protein powder using almond milk to get to a nice thick consistancy. Then in mix in hemp and chia seeds and top with peanut butter. It’s been really satisfying lately. Any vehicle to get more PB into my life is a success!



This morning I made the decision to hold off on running a little while longer. My hip is still sore and it’s not getting better if I run on it. I don’t want to always be in a bit of pain while I run. I do not have a race until the end of August, so I have time now to work on it and allow my hip to heal. I guess it’s time for elliptical and bike sessions. Maybe I’ll get creative and throw some weights in the mix…maybe.

I recently discovered lacuma powder. It is a sweet cream colored superfood originating from the Inca. They used it to sweeten dishes and make ice cream. I have been mixing it into yogurt or mashing it with bananas. It gives the yogurt a sugar cookie taste. I’m not hating!


I closed CTB last night and it was my first shift as a supervisor #SteppingUp. It was honestly kind of stressful because I had really never done that job before. I only watch the other supervisors and what they do, so trying to remember everything was hard. It’s also ice cream season so I was scooping and making shakes at the end of the night. Our ice cream is SO COLD my arm is sore this morning! I remember why I do not miss the Creamery.


My sister and I are going to see Inside Out together tonight when she gets out of work. It will be nice to spend quality time together outside of our parent’s house. I think I’m going to bring a picnic dinner for use. Some nice hummus and chips and fruit. That sounds lovely!


I have recently been reading an awful lot of body image blogs. I don’t think I have bad body image at the present moment, but sometimes it hits me. I also try to keep fit so I like my body and the way it looks. I find myself asking questions like “would I like my body if I was not toned?” “would I be able to do all I can do?” ” what is the benefit I get from having my body as opposed to someone else’s?” All these questions come into my mind and I’m honestly not sure what would happen. I know one thing is certain though, Sterling would still love me. Thank God for cats!

Did you see Inside Out?

What questions do you have about your body?



    • I liked it a lot!!! I don’t think it will be as successful as Frozen, but it was great! I loved Sadness because I love Phyllis from The Office and that is who her voice was πŸ™‚

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