My thoughts on Inside Out

Yesterday evening my sister and met outside a small theater to see the new Pixar sensation Inside Out. We had a really great time together talking and eating beforehand, and inside the movie itself.


The movie began at 6:30PM so we met up at about 5:45 and ate the picnic dinner I had brought. Although I only took pictures of the fruit, there was also hummus and pretzels and kale chips. I decided to bring a snacking sort of dinner because I was not sure if we would have time to eat before the movie and it’s easier to sneak in chips over a burger.


The movie was really cute. It chronicles a few days in the life of an eleven year old girl named Riley. Although the movie is essentially all about her, the real star of the show is Joy, voiced by Amy Poehler. Inside of Riley’s mind are a range of emotions; joy, sadness, fear, anger and disgust all of which are important in keeping Riley safe.


Joy is kind of like the captain. All the memories made in Riley’s life thus far have majorly been happy. This changes when Riley’s parents move to San Francisco. Riley’s emotions start to change and the “core memories” her personality is founded upon begin to destruct. Joy and Sadness fall out of the control center in Riley’s brain trying to save her core memories. The rest of the movie is their journey back to the control center.


I really like the message of the movie. In the beginning, Joy rules Riley’s emotions. Sadness, Fear, Anger and Disgust are really only there to keep Riley safe. Sadness is played by Phyllis from the Office, so I could not get her image out of my head the whole movie.

Once Riley begins to have more sad, angry and fearful emotions, Joy is unsure how to keep her happy. On the journey to restore the core memories, Sadness teaches her that all Riley’s emotions are an important part of her. Sadness brings Riley love from others.

I highly recommend people see this movie. It is another hysterical Pixar creation with a good message and star quality picture and video editing.

What is the last Pixar move you saw?

What is your most felt emotion?



  1. Just came back from seeing the movie, and I really enjoyed it! I think people may have hyped it up a little too much for me, but I still left the theatre smiling all the same. I certainly hope they do a sequel as Riley ages into puberty! I think that could open them up to so many different possibilities. Also, what did you think of the Lava short prior to the film starting? 🙂

    • Oh babe I have had the volcano song in my head all day! My co-workers had no idea what was coming out of my mouth! A sequel would be great! Puberty would bring so many changes worthy of a Pixar movie 🙂

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