Lincoln Up #34 [The Best I’ve Read This Week]

Lincoln Up

Welcome to the 34th week of Lincoln Up! Happy 4th of July weekend! I have spent the weekend working, but I get to enjoy the families that come into CTB and even though it’s kind of rainy, I bet they are having a good weekend. I don’t have much to say about the posts this week except that they are interesting as usual and hopefully will entertain you on this wonderful day. Check out the infographic about men and women stereotypes in the media. Women aren’t the only ones objectified.

Have a great Sunday!



Two Different, but Concurrent Approaches to Habit Change :: Matt is all about habit change, here he gives a very easy guide to making changes that last.

Men’s Emotions In The Media :: This infographic is an excellent example of gendered sterotypes for both men and women.

20 Things To Remember When You Don’t Feel Good Enough :: Just because you’re here means you finished something. One door may close as an opening to another door.

5 Signs You’re Taking Food Too Seriously :: The last one is key for me, I can see myself eating vegan in the next 5 years. Some food choices are important.



11 Interesting Facts About Being Service Staff At The White House :: How cool would it be to unmask a terrorist plot while doing the President’s laundry?



Science Instead Of Animal Torture :: This is GREAT news for vegans everywhere! If the science can catch up, we no longer will need to test drugs on animals. I argue that we already don’t becaue mice are not little humans and will not respond to drugs in the same way, but I digress. This is great technology!

Preventing Ex-Vegans :: Ethics come first, health comes second.



The Way It Should Be :: “Despite the guilt, there are so many reasons to keep on running.” The pros highly outweigh the cons. Get out and crush it!


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