More Changes: Veganism

Yesterday I mentioned I wanted to make some changes in my life. Well, life is not all about the body, the food or physical health. I also want to make some other changes concerning other parts of my life.

I feel as though I have become stagnant in my vegan activism and promotion of animal rights. Recently, a coworker has been open to changing his diet and eating in a more ethical way. It all began when we started a Netflix movie club on a whim one afternoon. He told me to watch The Interview, and I told him to watch Forks Over Knives.

To say he was affected would be an understatement. He came in the next day exclaiming “I AM THE SHARK!” and has started making meals without meat. I have been really encouraging saying that it’s ok if he still eats cheese and eggs, it’s about the journey and he’ll change when he is ready. Quite honestly, it’s about what works for him. I want him to get comfortable with eating other things to stay satiated.

Having the success I’ve had with him encourages me to do more. I can see how my indirect actions (how I eat and live my life) have had a significant impact on his life. He also confides in me about other factors like relationships or money choices now because he trusts me. All of this from one movie and an opening!

I did this without really trying. Of course now I am more active in giving him meal suggestions, talking about the issues and encouraging him when it seems tough. This has also made me aware of how rusty I am about the issues. I have a general idea, but solid facts are taking longer to remember. That needs to change.

Today, my goals are to get a few solid facts straight. I want a few go-to pieces of information that I can rattle off when I get questions. The things I plan to research are:

-The ethical concerns of how animals feel pain


-The environmental impacts of factory farmed and “humane” meat


-Where I get my protein


I think these three factoids will be great to again have in my arsenal. Time to go to Barnes and Nobel!

What areas of your life have you had to brush up on?




    • I’ve been weight lifting more (ok, I’ve been thinking about it more) as well. Usually I am solely a runner, but mixing it up once in a while is fun too!

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