WIAW July 8, 2015

As I sit here remembering the feasts that happened yesterday, my cat Sterling is licking the salt off my arms. Yes, I am a salty sweater and he loves it.

I want to thank all the people who have given me some advice regarding my last two posts about changes both in myΒ body and my vegan activism. I have reached out to a couple of you and your advice has been wonderful. I am happy to be improving my life and to be continuing my journey with all ofΒ you. πŸ™‚

Without wasting another line of text, let’s get to the WIAW party! Thanks to Jenn for the mid-week pick me up.




Golden Raisin and Pecan bread with almond butter and blueberry jam. Almond milk to drink.



Wrap with hummus, apple and fig chutney, sprouts and lettuce. Side of roasted rosemary potatoes.



Three-seed bread with hummus, sprouts and cheese melted on one side, and then the rest of a hunk to dip in red sauce. Side of cauliflower.



Pita chips dipped inΒ yonanas and a mahalo bar (like an almond job but vegan)

That was my day!

What is your favorite hummus? I like original the best!



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