Lincoln Up #35 [The Best I’ve Read This Week]

Lincoln Up

Welcome to this week’s edition of Lincoln Up! There are come great articles to round out the week. I’m loving all the attention to female athletes, and I’m not just referencing the World Cup (GO LADIES!). Serena Williams is the best female tennis player in the world because of her huge muscles and thick frame. The NY Times article found below explains the body image issues faced by other tennis players. They sometimes sacrifice strength for femininity. This is interesting. What do you think?




On Thinness, Fatphobia and Why You Aren’t Recovering :: Kaila has been crucial in changing my mindset about my body and myself. Her podcast both inspires and scares me (both in good ways). Thanks girl!

How To Recover In An Appearance Obsessed World :: My girl Keara has written another inspiring piece about recovery and how it’s possible even in the society we live in today.

It’s Ok But Only If… :: YES! Everything about this post is a yes! (Or a no if you get what I mean)

Why Attitudes in Sports Fitness Matter :: Pride v. Appearance v. Ability. What do you choose?



Preventing Ex-Vegans, Why Nutrients Matter :: Attention to nutrients matter when preventing ex-vegans. There are certain things vegans must get in food combinations of supplements to have a complete diet. Compassionate living does not give permission to avoid the details.

What Meat Eaters Get Wrong About Vegetarians :: I definitely see the truth in the first myth. If anyone follows a certain style of eating, they think it’s better. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be following it!



Is Bristol Palin A Fraud :: This article gave me a different perspective on Bristol Palin. I have to say, I really judge her hard, but maybe a look into her life is just what we as a society need.

10 Nude Athletes Loving Their Bodies :: The power these women have to influence future generations of beautiful girls is important in encouraging them to love the body they have and what they can do.

Tennis Women Balance Body Image With Success :: Way to go Serena for having body acceptance that other female tennis players cannot emulate. It has made you a champion.



The 10 Best Running Memes :: I love running, running’s my favorite!



Awkward Situations That Always Happen In Real Life :: The dishes one always happens to me!!

13 Stupid Phases We All Went Through :: I used to really like sushi, but the last time I had it I cannot remember why I thought it was SO GREAT. I mostly just like the ginger 😉

How You Imagined Being An Adult As A Child :: I still have to remind myself I’m a grown up. Being an adult is so much better than I imagined!



  1. Ohhh my goodness the “Awkward Situations” are so funny and so true! I feel like the dentist one really applies to me. And the fart one.
    I really liked the “What Meat Eaters Get Wrong” article, too.
    Thanks for sharing!

      • Hahahaha so true. I just think the technicians must realize that we can’t talk to them when their hands are in our mouths! Slash you’re past small talk with someone after they put their hand in your mouth.
        Gahhhh dentists. At least I get to watch TV on the ceiling when I go for my annual check-up!

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